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Reducing unsubscribe rates

Understanding the causes behind recipients opting out of receiving emails is crucial for maintaining a healthy relationship with your customers and following email deliverability best practices. Unsubscribes can signal various issues, from content misalignment with recipient expectations to possible violations of regulations such as the GDPR or CAN-SPAM.

Why do recipients unsubscribe?

When it comes to emails that are necessary for your service, like order confirmations or password resets, it's rare for customers to say they don’t want them. However, there are a few reasons why someone might choose to opt-out even from these helpful messages:

  • Irrelevant content: If the updates you send do not match what your users need or expect, they might decide to stop subscribing.

  • Consent: Sometimes customers may be getting too many emails, or emails they didn’t ask for. If you are sending content outside of what the subscriber has consented to receive, they may choose to opt out.

  • Outdated contacts: If you are sending emails to subscribers  who haven’t interacted with your services in a while, they may not be interested anymore.

It's essential to monitor these rates closely. According to MailerSend’s Anti-Spam Policy, a high unsubscribe rate may lead to an account investigation.

Reducing unsubscribe rates

To lower the risk of recipients opting out of emails, we recommend the following strategies:

  • Personalize: Tailor your emails to address the recipient by name and include personalized content based on their past interactions with your service.

  • Email timing: Send transactional emails promptly after the relevant user action. Immediate confirmation of an order or action reassures users and decreases the chances of them unsubscribing due to delays or uncertainty.

  • Permission-based marketing: Ensure that you have explicit consent from subscribers to send them emails, which aligns with our Anti-Spam Policy.

  • Optimize for mobile: Many users check their emails on mobile devices. Ensure that transactional emails are mobile-friendly, with responsive design and easily clickable links.

  • Feedback loops: Implement feedback mechanisms to gather insights directly from your audience about their preferences and content perception.

  • Clear unsubscribe options: Make the unsubscribe process straightforward and respectful. This transparency can also reduce the number of spam complaints and maintain a positive brand image.

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