Drag & drop email template builder

MailerSend’s drag & drop email template builder empowers anyone in your team to create professional transactional emails on their own. No coding required!


Start quickly with pre-built templates

Choose a responsive email template from our rich library then make it your own by customizing fonts, images, colors and logo to match your brand.


Have confidence that emails will display on all clients

With 15+ years of email experience, our Drag & drop builder automatically adjusts templates to look great in any inbox. Never worry about how your emails will display with different mailbox providers.


Custom designs for every need

Easily build professional email templates to cover every type of transactional email, including password resets, order confirmations, 2FA and more, with the ready-to-use content blocks.


Get personal with dynamic content blocks

Make your emails more engaging and boost conversions by enhancing your templates with dynamic tables and product blocks personalized to each recipient.


Save custom blocks for future templates

Save time and keep individual block designs consistent across all templates. Customize any block, save it, and then access all saved blocks whenever you create a new email template.

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Auto-generate plain text versions

Make your emails more accessible while keeping your template designs HTML-coded and responsive. Auto-generation of plain text emails makes them readable for all recipients, without extra work.


Track changes in your designs

Enjoy the flexibility of viewing your edits while creating a template. Track the changes of all users and restore an earlier design at the click of a button.


Split test your templates

Create up to 5 versions of a template to test the effectiveness of your subject lines, CTAs, images, design, and copy with email split testing. Learn which elements perform best with your recipients and optimize your emails. 

Here’s what developers say about MailerSend

Amazing product and support!

"MailerSend is extremely easy to use and super fast to set up. I was able to send the first email via the API in minutes. What's really worth mentioning is the outstanding customer support."

Tobias R.

Well designed service

"A well-designed, easy-to-use interface. Good template editor. Snappy mail delivery without any backlogs. WordPress site works far better & API documentation is very clean and understandable."

Pekka G.

Easy to use API

"It is quite easy to create new templates and send them through the API. There is also a generous free tier and you can start nearly instantly. Up until now, we didn't have any problems with receiving mails."

Markus G.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a drag and drop email template builder?

A drag and drop template builder is a type of email editor that allows you to edit or create templates with pre-built content blocks that you can customize.

Is the builder really free?

MailerSend’s drag and drop builder is included for free for all account plans. 

Does the drag and drop builder create responsive emails?

Yes! All email templates created with the drag and drop builder are natively responsive and compatible with major email clients, both app and web-based.

What is the main difference between a drag-and-drop email builder and a traditional html email builder?

An HTML email builder allows you to code your own emails and requires you to know HTML and responsive CSS for all email clients. A drag and drop builder allows you to add the same functionality and elements that you can add with HTML, but with pre-built content blocks that you simply drag into place. 

Can I also send my email with MailerSend?

Yes, MailerSend is not simply a drag and drop email builder. It is a transactional messaging service that businesses use to send transactional emails and SMS to their users and customers.

Can I import HTML into the D&D builder?

It’s not possible to import HTML into the drag and drop builder but you can use our HTML email builder instead.

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