Rich-text email editor

Create more personal emails using the rich-text email editor. Add links, images, bullet points and email signatures to create the perfect email message.

Edit rich-text email templates with ease

Take control of text styling with an inline editor. Compose messages using italics, underline, hyperlinks, numbered lists and images—and get an almost identical preview of what the recipient will see.


Edit content in place

The inline editor helps you quickly format text, change colors, adjust sizes and insert links in your text email. What you see in the editor is a direct reflection of what your final email will look like.


Increase recipient engagement

Create plain text emails that still feel personal with a unique style. Rich-text emails are ideal for invoices and comment notifications, where ease of reading is key.


Track changes with version tracking

Made some changes to your template only to realize that you preferred an older version? You can go back, review recent changes and restore the older draft!


Manage templates in one place

Organize email templates into categories, then reuse favorites by duplicating them. For each template, configure default settings like subject, sender and email address for easy, automatic sending.

More features to explore

MailerSend is packed full of features that help you save time and grow your business.

Start designing custom templates now

Create email templates in either rich-text, HTML or plain text format. Scale quickly and send emails that are optimized for deliverability. Get started with 12,000 free emails per month!

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