Rich-text email editor

Create more personal, plain text emails and give them a little extra oomph with HTML formatting. Use the rich-text email editor to add links, images, email signatures and more.

Edit rich-text email templates with ease

Take control of text styling and compose messages using italics, underline, hyperlinks, numbered lists and images with a simple-to-use inline editor.

Edit content in place

The rich-text email editor lets you quickly format text, change colors, adjust sizes and insert links in your text email. What you see in the editor is a direct reflection of what your final email will look like.

Increase recipient engagement

Create plain text emails with a human touch and a unique style. Personalize messages with custom variables to add your recipient’s name, account information or order details.

Track changes in your emails

Easily review recent changes and track edits made by all users. Restore previous versions at any time with the click of a button.

Manage rich-text email templates in one place

Create templates and save them for easy access in your personal template gallery. Keep templates organized within categories and easily reuse your favorites by duplicating them.

What MailerSend users think

Well-designed, minimalistic service with all the comforts of Mailerlite

"A well-designed, easy-to-use interface and good template editor. Snappy mail delivery without any backlogs. WordPress site works far better & API documentation is very clean and understandable with GitHub examples."

Pekka G.

The service works great and has good documentation

"The templates option is great for both clients and developers alike. You can easily design HTML emails and fill in the information through the API. Frustrations were solved by support quickly and with good insight. "

James R.

Easy to use API and great customer service

"It is quite easy to create new templates and send them through the API. Up until now, we didn't have any problems with delivering emails. Plus, the customer support is great! They are very fast to reply to your requests with a solution. "

Markus G.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between rich-text and plain text emails?

Rich-text emails using formatting such as bold, italic or underlined text, font size and color, images, and more. It allows you to personalize email messages to provide additional content or be more visually appealing.

Plain text emails contain only basic text with no formatting capabilities.

Can I brand my emails with this editor?

Of course! With the rich-text email editor you can change colors, fonts, add images and email signatures and more.

How does the editor improve the email creation process?

MailerSend’s rich-text editor makes it easy to add HTML formatting to emails as there is no need for it to be coded. Any formatting can be added inline with the easy-to-use editing options available. The rich-text email editor also allows you to have a preview of the email as you’re editing it.

What kind of formatting options are available?

In MailerSend’s rich-text email editor, you can change the width and alignment of the email, font (color, size, and style), line height, links, add buttons, add dividers, lists, variables, and emojis.

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