• Tips and resources
  • Sean
  • 30 min read
  • Sep 23, 2021

7 SDKs to send emails in your favorite programming language

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when you want to send transactional emails using your favorite programming language. Our developers will share how you can use official SDKs to quickly integrate email sending in your apps and websites.

  • Tautvydas
  • 9 min read
  • Sep 08, 2021

How to send emails with Laravel using MailerSend

Laravel enables you to build web apps quickly and easily using a modular PHP framework. Learn how you can use MailerSend’s Laravel driver to save even more time integrating email into your apps.

  • Agathe
  • 6 min read
  • Aug 26, 2021

Understanding SMTP email queues

An SMTP email queue works in the background to deliver your emails by sending them one at a time. You can take measures to reduce your email backlog, but ultimately your choice of an SMTP email provider determines your email deliverability.

  • Agathe
  • 6 min read
  • Aug 13, 2021

Announcing our new inbound email feature

Inbound email routing enables you to receive emails directly in your application. Learn how MailerSend helps you manage two-way conversations with customers by receiving incoming emails, parsing their contents, and then routing them to your app or another email.

  • Agathe
  • 6 min read
  • Jul 14, 2021

Announcing MailerSend’s new rich-text email editor

The new rich-text editor is for you if you want to jump straight into designing an email template using the most essential styling features and content blocks. Learn how an inline editor helps you focus on the design while giving you a preview of what recipients will see!

  • Sean
  • 10 min read
  • Jun 30, 2021

What are SMTP codes and how to troubleshoot them

When your transactional emails fail to get delivered, you might have an SMTP error that needs to be addressed. But some of the codes are super confusing! Read on to learn about common SMTP response codes and how you can troubleshoot delivery issues.

  • Sean
  • 13 min read
  • Jun 09, 2021

Creating customer feedback emails that will help you grow

Customer feedback emails are like regular report cards that tell you what’s working and what needs fixing. Learn how to use them to continually improve your business and keep customers happy!

  • Sean
  • 15 min read
  • May 27, 2021

How to safeguard brand trust with email authentication

Your brand is the most important asset in your business. Customers trust your brand when they interact with your emails. Learn how to protect this relationship using email authentication.

  • Sean
  • 13 min read
  • May 12, 2021

Your guide to confirmation emails that make people happy

Customers love to receive confirmation emails because they feel good being assured about something they just did. Learn how to create confirmation emails with a little help from human psychology that will keep your customers happy.

  • Sean
  • 7 min read
  • Apr 28, 2021

Protect your sending reputation with email suppression lists

The people on your list that you're not emailing are just as important as the ones you are. Learn how to protect your sending reputation with email suppression lists.

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