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Learn about the team and why we created MailerSend.

Our story

We’re the people behind MailerLite, a team of creators dedicated to building outstanding online products and industry-leading email marketing software.

We launched MailerSend to give you the same advantages for transactional emails. After 10+ years of sending huge volumes of emails and experiencing similar challenges that you’re facing, we’re now happy to share our solution with you.

We use MailerSend for our own transactional emails across all our companies. And, we’re our toughest customer!

Everything we do at MailerSend is inspired by our users. We’re constantly identifying and removing barriers, while adding new features that you’ll actually use and love.

We listen to you and build out our roadmap to address your needs—no unnecessary features or complicated processes. Our mission is to build something that brings out the best in you and your team.

MailerSend is a United States-registered company.

Our values

We're big believers in the power of keeping it simple. No unnecessary features or complicated processes. We are 100% focused on building something our customers need and love to use.

Focus on current customers

We believe that it’s much easier to grow when you constantly deliver value to your current customers and make them feel special.

Care about long-term goals

We create products that feel good every step of the way. From a clean design to great customer support.


We are big believers in the power of keeping it simple. We take difficult problems and make them simple.

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