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Transactional email service for teams

MailerSend is a new kind of transactional email service designed for collaboration across entire teams. Intuitively-designed tools allow anyone to contribute, while an advanced infrastructure lets you scale fast.

What are transactional emails?

Transactional emails are messages triggered by the specific action of a recipient. Common types of transactional emails include password resets, account creation, notification emails and social media updates.


E-commerce is driven by automated email messages. Transactional messages like welcome emails, abandoned cart reminders and order confirmation emails are automatically sent along the customer journey.


Collaborate as a team on transactional emails

Developers now get support from the rest of the team. People of all skill levels can create, set up and track transactional emails through MailerSend. Discover the benefits of a team-friendly transactional email service!


Personalize emails on a mass scale

Build stronger customer relationships and enjoy higher engagement by tailoring your email template to individual recipients. Personalization of email subject lines and content makes people feel that the email was written for them.


Send emails with confidence

MailerSend is backed by a decade of email delivery experience as an award-winning email service provider. Get expert advice on email deliverability (premium plans only) and learn how to increase your open rates, avoid the spam folder and much more.


Integrate bulk email sending

Start sending and tracking transactional emails from your apps quickly. Make HTTP calls to an email API using your favorite client library, PHP or Laravel. Or use an SMTP server to send outbound messages.


Gain real-time insights into emails

Real-time analytics tools contain information that you need to optimize your emails. View detailed email activity to learn more about your recipients, track their interactions and review triggered messages from event webhooks.

Start collaborating on transactional emails now

Bring your team together to create and manage your transactional email campaigns. Scale quickly and send emails that are optimized for deliverability. Get started with 12,000 free emails per month!

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