Manage email on the go

Connect to your MailerSend account with the iOS app and access important activity and settings anytime, anywhere.

Stay in the know

Take key performance metrics and real-time sending activity with you wherever you go.

Keep control at all times

Take action on the spot and edit important domain settings without the need for your laptop or PC.

Access all accounts

Sync all of your accounts to the iOS app and easily switch between them to view activity and settings.


Track overall stats on the analytics dashboard

View sent and received emails as well as opens, clicks and more from the past week or month. Check on account health, bounce rate and complaints with the reputation monitor.


Manage individual domains

See a breakdown of activity for each of your domains plus access and edit tracking options from your iPhone. You can even stop sending or delete a domain.


Be proactive with real-time email activity

Check the status and timeline of every email you send and filter activity by domain or event. With content tracking, you can also view the email content as it was delivered.

Frequently asked questions

How can I start using the MailerSend iOS app?

The MailerSend iOS app is available free for all users. If you already have an account, simply download the app from the App Store and use your account credentials to connect. If you’re new to MailerSend, sign up for an account. For more information, check out our help guide on how to set up the iOS app.

How does the app help improve sender reputation and deliverability?

With access to your sending activity and performance from your iOS device, you can stay in the loop about how your transactional email is doing and your sender reputation from anywhere. This will allow you to know as soon as possible if there are any sending issues, so you can resolve them immediately.

What analytics are available in the app?

On the Analytics page you can view the number of sent emails for the past week as well as the percentage that have been delivered, bounced, opened, clicked or resulted in a spam complaint. On the dashboard, you can also view the total number of processed, delivered, rejected, and received emails.

Are all other features included in the app?

Right now, you can access the most important features for monitoring and managing your MailerSend account. These include analytics on the Dashboard and Analytics page, view domain activity and manage domain settings on the Domains page, and view real-time activity, email content and subject lines on the Activity page.

What email activity can I view and filter through the app?

You can filter all email activity by domain and event. The status and timeline for each email you send will be visible on the Activity page, where you can see if an email has been delivered, opened, clicked, rejected or bounced. If you enable content tracking, you can also view the HTML email content that the recipient received in their inbox.

Download the iOS app now

Download the MailerSend iOS app from the App Store. Works with a MailerSend account—sign up for free and get 3,000 emails/month.