Inbound routing

Inbound email routes enable MailerSend to receive emails on your behalf, parse incoming emails, and integrate them into your application.

Create conversations

Users can now interact with your app and post replies, comments and emails. Create an inbound route to parse any inbound content to your app using JSON.


Create a custom inbound domain

Add an inbound route to your verified domain and use a custom inbound domain, or subdomain, that is consistent with your brand.


Quickly integrate inbound emails

Or skip the DNS record configuration altogether! Instantly create an inbound route using an auto-generated MailerSend email address.


Define inbound email rules

Set up your domain to receive all emails and configure workflow rules to filter incoming emails by email address, domain or headers. Then post them on different endpoints based on those rules.


Forward or parse incoming emails

Manage inbound messages by sending emails and their attachments to your app via webhooks, or by forwarding it to a specific email address.


Review activity and analytics

See the number of emails received by your inbound domain—including subject lines and JSON payloads—and track replies sent to an endpoint or email address.

More features to explore

MailerSend is packed full of features that help you save time and grow your business.

Implement inbound email routes now

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