Advanced transactional email for SaaS

Effortlessly integrate email sending for your software and benefit from advanced email features like inbound routing, SMS, dynamic templating and webhooks.


Why use transactional email for SaaS

Account updates and notifications

Instantly deliver subscription upgrade and renewal notifications, billing emails, expiration alerts, and payment failure emails.

Product updates

Send important notifications about updates to your app, changes to the terms of service, and revisions to pricing and subscriptions.

Onboarding emails

Introduce users to your app's features with welcome emails. Help them get started and present the next steps for using the software.

Customer service

Provide timely email and SMS updates about support tickets and enable 2-way communication with inbound routing.

Security alerts

Let users know about general security updates and alerts as well as potential security issues or breaches to their account.

Activity summary

Keep users in the loop about their activity and suggest potential upgrades to their subscription where necessary.

Seamless implementation with API or SMTP

Choose from 7 official SDK libraries for quick API integration and maximum functionality. Or simply plug in your SMTP credentials and start sending with our secure SMTP relay.
Read our API docs
curl -X POST \ \
    -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    -H 'X-Requested-With: XMLHttpRequest' \
    -H 'Authorization: Bearer {place your token here without brackets}' \
    -d '{
        "from": {
            "email": ""
            "to": [
            "email": ""
        "subject": "Hello from MailerSend!",
        "text": "Greetings from the team, you got this message through MailerSend.",
        "html": "

Greetings from the team, you got this message through MailerSend.

" }'
use MailerSend\MailerSend;
use MailerSend\Helpers\Builder\Recipient;
use MailerSend\Helpers\Builder\EmailParams;

$mailersend = new MailerSend(['api_key' => 'key']);

$recipients = [
new Recipient('', 'Your Client'),

$emailParams = (new EmailParams())
->setFromName('Your Name')

Greetings from the team, you got this message through MailerSend.

') ->setText('Greetings from the team, you got this message through MailerSend.'); $mailersend->email->send($emailParams);
php artisan make:mail ExampleEmail

Mail::to('')->send(new ExampleEmail());
const Recipient = require("mailersend").Recipient;
const EmailParams = require("mailersend").EmailParams;
const MailerSend = require("mailersend");

const mailersend = new MailerSend({
    api_key: "key",

const recipients = [new Recipient("", "Your Client")];

const emailParams = new EmailParams()
    .setFromName("Your Name")

Greetings from the team, you got this message through MailerSend.

") .setText("Greetings from the team, you got this message through MailerSend."); mailersend.send(emailParams);
package main

import (


var APIKey string = "Api Key Here"

func main() {
    ms := mailersend.NewMailersend(APIKey)

    ctx := context.Background()
    ctx, cancel := context.WithTimeout(ctx, 5*time.Second)
    defer cancel()

    subject := "Subject"
    text := "Greetings from the team, you got this message through MailerSend."
    html := "

Greetings from the team, you got this message through MailerSend.

" from := mailersend.From{ Name: "Your Name", Email: "", } recipients := []mailersend.Recipient{ { Name: "Your Client", Email: "", }, } variables := []mailersend.Variables{ { Email: "", Substitutions: []mailersend.Substitution{ { Var: "foo", Value: "bar", }, }, }, } tags := []string{"foo", "bar"} message := ms.NewMessage() message.SetFrom(from) message.SetRecipients(recipients) message.SetSubject(subject) message.SetHTML(html) message.SetText(text) message.SetSubstitutions(variables) message.SetTags(tags) res, _ := ms.Send(ctx, message) fmt.Printf(res.Header.Get("X-Message-Id")) }
from mailersend import emails

mailer = emails.NewEmail()

mail_body = {}

mail_from = {
    "name": "Your Name",
    "email": "",

recipients = [
        "name": "Your Client",
        "email": "",

mailer.set_mail_from(mail_from, mail_body)
mailer.set_mail_to(recipients, mail_body)
mailer.set_subject("Hello!", mail_body)

Greetings from the team, you got this message through MailerSend.

", mail_body) mailer.set_plaintext_content("Greetings from the team, you got this message through MailerSend.", mail_body) mailer.send(mail_body)
require "mailersend-ruby"

# Intialize the email class
ms_email =

# Add parameters
ms_email.add_recipients("email" => "", "name" => "Your Client")
ms_email.add_recipients("email" => "", "name" => "Your Client")
ms_email.add_from("email" => "", "name" => "Your Name")
ms_email.add_text("Greetings from the team, you got this message through MailerSend.")
ms_email.add_html("Greetings from the team, you got this message through MailerSend.")

# Send the email

Parse incoming messages to your app

Use inbound routing for email and SMS. MailerSend will parse incoming messages and integrate them into your app. Allow users to reply to comments, emails and post messages.


Set up triggered workflows with webhooks

Integrate real-time sending activity with your custom dashboards and applications using webhooks. Set up triggered workflows based on specific events so you never miss an important notification.


Easily connect other web apps with MailerSend so they seamlessly work together to share information, automate workflows and enhance your customer experience.

Send high-volume text messages with SMS API

Create an omnichannel experience for your users by sending timely transactional SMS alongside your emails. Send 2FA, password resets, subscription reminders, support messages and more.


Optimize your email sending with bulk scheduling

Send email notifications to user segments using the bulk email endpoint. Consolidate multiple emails into a single HTTP request and maximize deliverability.


Track performance with reports and real-time activity

Keep an eye on key metrics and monitor your reputation, bounces and spam complaints. View email activity in real time and create and download custom analytics reports.


Experience high deliverability and scalability

Our powerful sending infrastructure is built for peak deliverability at scale. As your sending requirements grow, there’s no need to switch providers. MailerSend will grow alongside you.


Easily send personalized emails

Whether you send a few or a few thousand emails, you can easily customize the content with dynamic email templates and personalization variables. Automatically insert personal details, account information and more.


Verify emails in real time via API

Integrate instant email validation in your app or website with the email verification API endpoint. Inform users in real time if they’ve entered an invalid email and prevent them from being added to your list.

A cost-effective solution with advanced features for your SaaS business

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What our customers think

MailerSend integrates quickly into your tech stack, scales with your sendings, and ensures that your emails get delivered.
Very easy to set up without requiring support documents. Integrating with Joomla CMS was flawless and test emails were being sent within a few minutes of account creation. No reason to use Google’s standard workspace smtp servers.
G2 Reviewer Computer Software, G2 Reviewer
The ease of integration is super. I write predominantly in Golang for back-end services, and I had MailerSend integrated in about sixty seconds flat. I've moved to MailerSend for all transactional email services.
David G. Developer, Small business
Amazing product and support!

MailerSend is extremely easy to use and super fast to set up. I was able to send the first email via the API in minutes. With the predefined templates and drag & drop editor you're able to get started really quickly.
Tobias R. Owner, Information Technology and Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I integrate MailerSend in my app or software?

You can quickly integrate MailerSend via our Email and SMS APIs. We have extensive API and developer documentation to get your started. What’s more, we offer a number of integrations as well as connectivity with thousands of apps via Zapier, Make and Integrately.

What is the pricing and how does it compare to other transactional email and SMS services?

You can get started with MailerSend’s free account which includes 3,000 emails per month. Pricing then starts at $30 for 50,000 emails. Check our full pricing or see how we compare to other transactional email services.

Is MailerSend GDPR compliant?

Yes, MailerSend is GDPR compliant. Read how.

What security features does MailerSend have?

MailerSend is built with the latest security protocols to prevent the interception of important client and account information with secure S/MIME and PGP encryption. Features such as IP allowlisting, 2FA and granular custom roles help to keep your account secure.