Improve performance with email split testing

Split test two or more templates to learn which email performs best and make adjustments to maximize engagement.


Take away the guesswork

Continuously optimize your templates for maximum performance by split testing your email subject lines and content to learn which ones resonate the most with your users.


Test out more ideas

Get better insights by creating up to 5 versions of your email. Simply make new versions by duplicating your template and then editing each version’s subject line, content or both.


Gain insights from performance metrics

Head to your template statistics dashboard to view the open rate, click-through rate, unsubscribes and spam complaints for each template version, then choose the best performing variation based on your goals.

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Easy to use API

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Frequently asked questions

What is email split testing?

Email split testing is the process of testing multiple versions of an email or email template to learn which one performs the best.

Which elements should I test?

The subject line and email content are the most common elements to split test. Your email content includes headlines, titles, images and your call to action (CTA). Usually, when performing an email split test, you would change only one element at a time for each version.

In which plan is this feature included?

Email split testing is available for Premium and Enterprise accounts.

Why is email A/B testing important for my transactional emails?

It’s important to optimize your emails for engagement in order to maximize their performance as well as maintain a high level of deliverability. The higher the engagement and the lower the spam complaints, the better your deliverability will be. Email split testing helps by allowing you to gain insights into how different elements perform compared to one another and make adjustments to optimize them.

How many email split tests can users have at the same time?

You can currently carry out 1 split test at a time with up to 5 template versions.

How can I set up an email split test?

Creating an email split test is easy. All you need to do is head to the page of the template you want to test and select the Split test tab. Check out our guide to learn more about how to set up an email split test.

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