Dynamic email templates

Use a single email template to build one-to-one customer relationships on a mass scale. You can send a few or a few million emails with messages that are automatically personalized in real-time based on each recipient.

Work more efficiently with dynamic email content

Avoid the hassle of constantly segmenting your lists and writing new email copy for every transactional email. Work smarter by creating a single template that uses dynamic data for email personalization.


Engage more with personalized emails

Deliver a better customer experience and enjoy higher user engagement when your email template is tailored to individual recipients. People interact with email subject lines and content that speak directly to them and their needs.


Design faster with dynamic templates

Save time and effort by choosing from a library of professionally-designed dynamic email templates. All templates have dynamic content blocks and are optimized for different email use cases like password resets, billing notifications, trials and more.


Collaborate on design across teams

Anyone on your team can create transactional emails. Our intuitive email builders and editors simplify the process. Simply drag and drop different dynamic content blocks or work with your code in our HTML email template editor.

More features to explore

MailerSend is packed full of features that help you save time and grow your business.

Start collaborating on transactional emails now

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