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Getting started with MailerSend

Your go-to guide for setting up MailerSend.

You just signed up for MailerSend. Welcome and thank you so much!

To get started and gain access to all features and benefits, you first need to activate your account. Let’s go through a few simple steps. It’ll take no more than 5 minutes.

After logging into your account as a new user, you’ll be redirected to your personal dashboard. On this page, you’ll see the Getting started checklist and Account verification steps.

getting started checklist

Step 1. Domain verification 

In these simple steps, we will agree on some rules, add and verify your domain.

1a. Verify your email address

Check your inbox: you should have received an email with a link to verify your email address. Click on this link to continue.

1b. Agree to the Anti-Spam Policy 

MailerSend is a cloud-based transactional email system, which is why it’s important that all of our customers adhere to our rules and industry practices. For this step, we’ll ask you to agree with our Anti-Spam Policy. Please read this document carefully.

1c. Add your sending domain

Next up it’s time to add your sending domain. This lets you send from any email address attached to that domain or associated subdomain. Make sure you have access to your domain’s DNS records and click Start to start the verification process. A pop-up will appear where you can enter your domain name

Add a new domain name

1d. Verify your sending domain

For this last step, we’re moving on to the Verify your sending domain part. Click the Start button again to open the pop-up window.

verify your domain name mailersend

This window shows all the DNS records to change. Open your DNS provider and add the two TXT DNS records and the CNAME record.

  • TXT for SPF: Sends the mail server IP validation. 

  • TXT for DKIM: Like SPF, but uses cryptographic methods for validation. 

  • CNAME for Return-Path: The address where bounces and other email feedback are sent to. It’s specified by the Return-Path header in an email.

Once you’ve added the records and they’ve propagated, your domain will be verified. Read more about domain verification.

Troubleshooting: If you’ve configured the DNS, waited a while and still see that your domain is marked as unverified, try pressing the Verify domain button once more. If this doesn’t change anything, please check whether the DNS records are entered correctly in your DNS provider.  If your records look correct, please contact our support to assist you further.

Domain verification, done!

Once you’re done with these steps you can start testing MailerSend and send your first emails. 

Until your account is verified, you can only send to email addresses belonging to domains that you’ve verified. This is to fight spam. For example, you can use only your verified domain or an associated subdomain as a FROM address and only send emails to recipients that are using this domain.

To start sending emails to recipients outside of your domain you first have to continue with the Account verification step.

Step 2. Account verification

The final step, Account verification, will give you access to all MailerSend features.

To begin the verification, click on the Start button to open the questionnaire. In this form, we ask you to provide your company/organization details and tell us more about how you’re planning to use MailerSend.

The account verification questionnaire.

Please keep in mind that the more information you provide, the faster you'll get access to all features. Once you’ve added all your details, you can submit your answers for approval. Our support team will then evaluate your account. 

While you’re waiting for approval, you're free to start exploring all your new MailerSend features.

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