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How to manage multiple users in your account

Share the load by collaborating with colleagues on your transactional emails. Premium accounts can add up to 20 users to one MailerSend account, so multiple team members can have access and provide input.

How to add another user to your account

To add another user to your account:

1. Use the left-hand navigation menu to go to the Settings page.

Screenshot showing how to navigate to the Settings page in MailerSend.

2. Select the Users tab and then click Add new user.

Screenshot highlighting the Add new user button.

3. In the Email address field, enter the email address of the user you wish to add. An invitation email with instructions will be sent to the address you enter here.

Screenshot highlighting the email address field.

4. Select the User type for your user.

Screenshot highlighting the various user types available.The User type determines the level of access each user has to the account. There are 5 user types to choose from:

  • Administrator: Administrators have full access and can perform all actions in the account

  • Manager: Managers have full access, but can not access API or access billing

  • Designer: Designers can only create and view templates

  • Accountant: Accountants can only manage payments and access invoices

  • Custom user: When you select Custom user, you can pick and choose which actions this user has access to across all areas including domains, templates, billing, activity, analytics and more

  Accountant Administrator Designer Manager Custom
Plan and Billing
View billing Configurable
Manage plan Configurable
View invoices Configurable
Manage account Configurable
View suppressions Configurable
Manage suppressions Configurable
View error log Configurable
View IP addresses Configurable
Manage IP addresses Configurable
Manage user Configurable
View user Configurable
View domains Configurable
View specific domains Configurable
Manage domains Configurable
Manage API tokens Configurable
View SMTP users Configurable
Manage SMTP users Configurable
Manage sendings Configurable
Manage tracking options Configurable
Manage webhooks Configurable
Manage inbound routes Configurable
View all templates Configurable
View specific templates Configurable
Manage templates Configurable
View file manager Configurable
View activity Configurable
View emails Configurable
View analytics Configurable
View recipients Configurable
Manage verified recipients Configurable
Manage phone numbers Configurable
View SMS activity Configurable
View SMS webhooks Configurable
Manage SMS webhooks Configurable
View SMS inbound routes Configurable
Manage SMS inbound routes Configurable
Email Verification
View email verification lists Configurable
Manage email verification lists Configurable
Sender identities
View sender identities Configurable
Manage sender identities Configurable

5. Once you have entered your new user’s email address and selected their user type, click Invite user to join. An email invitation will be sent to your new user.

Screenshot highlighting the button to invite a new user.That’s it! You can now find the pending invitation on the Users page where you can also Resend or Cancel the invitation.

Screenshot highlighting pending user invitations.

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