Secure email for banks and financial services

Build a secure and reliable messaging eco-system with a modern technology stack that complies with all data regulations while offering a first-rate customer experience.


Transactional messaging for your every need

Account management

Keep clients informed about account balances, recent transactions and upcoming payments.

Customer service

Allow customers to get in touch via email and SMS. Respond to tickets and provide status updates.

Fraud alerts

Send individual alerts about suspicious account activity or notify all customers with bulk messaging.

Loan approvals

Let clients know about their loan status quickly and conveniently, and provide any related documents.

Statement delivery

Go green and offer clients e-statements and other documentation via email or SMS.

New accounts

Facilitate online account opening with verification and confirmation emails, applications and more.


A robust sending infrastructure

Reach customers of your bank, payment service or fintech quickly and reliably thanks to our powerful email infrastructure that’s optimized for peak deliverability at scale. Enjoy a monthly uptime SLA of 99.5%.

Security and compliance features companies trust

Protect sensitive message content

MailerSend is built with the latest security protocols to prevent the interception of important client and account information with secure S/MIME and PGP encryption.

Keep client data safe

GDPR compliance enables you to manage client communications with confidence. MailerSend’s data center is in the European Union with information security certificate ISO 27001.

Restrict account access

Protect your account from unauthorized use with IP allowlisting, 2FA and granular custom user roles so you can provide access only to necessary features and domains.


Send 2FA, account alert SMS and more

Give your clients an omnichannel experience with transactional text messages sent with our SMS API. Increase security, boost customer satisfaction and keep users informed.


Easily connect other web apps with MailerSend so they seamlessly work together to share information, automate workflows and enhance your customer experience.

Deliverability you can count on

With 10+ years of deliverability experience, MailerSend knows how to make sure emails reach the inbox and bounces are minimized. Plus, we’ll monitor and maintain your sender reputation so you don’t have to.


Get real-time notifications with webhooks

Integrate real-time sending activity with your custom dashboards and applications using webhooks. Set up triggered workflows based on specific events and never miss an important notification.

Keep track of key performance metrics

View emails that are delivered, bounced, opened, clicked and more with real-time activity and advanced email analytics—with up to 30 days data history. Create and download custom reports at the click of a button.


Enhance customer support with 2-way messaging

Allow customers of your bank or financial service to reply to emails and SMS with inbound routing. MailerSend will parse and integrate incoming messages into your application for efficient 2-way communication.


Optimize sending with bulk email

Save on sending resources by scheduling multiple, asynchronous emails to be sent at the same time with the bulk email API endpoint. Batch-send general alerts, updates and notices.


Easily manage invalid emails

Keep your recipient list clean and validated and protect your deliverability with inbuilt email verification. Plus, MailerSend takes care of hard bounces by automatically moving them to your suppressions list.

Quick integration via API

Enjoy the maximum functionality of our email API and get a headstart with 7 official SDK libraries and rich documentation.
Read our API docs
curl -X POST \ \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-H 'X-Requested-With: XMLHttpRequest' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer {place your token here without brackets}' \
-d '{
    "from": "+18332552485",
    "to": [
    "text": "This is just a friendly hello"
use MailerSend\MailerSend;
use MailerSend\Helpers\Builder\SmsParams;

$mailersend = new MailerSend(['api_key' => 'key']);

$smsParams = (new SmsParams())
$sms = $mailersend->sms->send($smsParams);
php artisan make:mail ExampleEmail

Mail::to('')->send(new ExampleEmail());
"use strict";

const MailerSend = require("../../src/MailerSend");
const SmsParams = require("../../src/SmsParams");

const mailersend = new MailerSend({
  api_key: process.env.API_KEY,

const recipients = [

const smsParams = new SmsParams()
  .setText("This is the text content");

package main

import (


func main() {
	// Create an instance of the mailersend client
	ms := mailersend.NewMailersend(os.Getenv("MAILERSEND_API_KEY"))

	ctx := context.Background()
	ctx, cancel := context.WithTimeout(ctx, 5*time.Second)
	defer cancel()

	message := ms.Sms.NewMessage()
	message.SetText("This is the message content {{ var }}")

	personalization := []mailersend.SmsPersonalization{
			PhoneNumber: "client-number",
			Data: map[string]interface{}{
				"var": "foo",


	res, _ := ms.Sms.Send(context.TODO(), message)
from mailersend import sms_sending
from dotenv import load_dotenv


mailer = sms_sending.NewSmsSending(os.getenv('MAILERSEND_API_KEY'))

# Number belonging to your account in E164 format
number_from = "+11234567890"

# You can add up to 50 recipient numbers
numbers_to = [
text = "Hi {{name}} how are you?"
personalization = [
        "phone_number": "+11234567891",
        "data": {
            "name": "Mike"
        "phone_number": "+11234567892",
        "data": {
            "name": "John"

print(mailer.send_sms(number_from, numbers_to, text, personalization))
require "mailersend-ruby"

# Intialize the SMS class
ms_sms =

# Add parameters
ms_sms.add_text('This is the message content')
personalization = {
  phone_number: 'client-number',
  data: {
    test: 'Test Value'

# Send the SMS
import com.mailersend.sdk.MailerSend;
import com.mailersend.sdk.exceptions.MailerSendException;

public void sendSms() {
    MailerSend ms = new MailerSend();
    ms.setToken("mailersend token");
    try {
        String messageId = ms.sms().builder().from("from phone number")
        .addRecipient("to phone number")
        .text("test sms {{name}}")
        .addPersonalization("to phone number", "name", "name personalization")
    } catch (MailerSendException e) {

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David S. Director, Installation

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Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is your service for transactional messages?

Security and data protection are top priorities for MailerSend—we couldn’t do what we do if it wasn’t. We use the latest technologies to make sure our email platform is secure, and stay up to date with the latest standards and protocols when it comes to security and compliance. You can rest assured that your bank or financial institution will be in safe hands with MailerSend!

What types of integrations do you offer for email and SMS delivery?

We offer several integrations including Zapier, Make, Pabbly Connect, Integrately, Supabase, Knock and more.

Can your service handle high volumes of transactional messages?

Yes! MailerSend is built and optimized for ultimate scalability and can handle large volumes of emails, whether you send a few thousand or millions of messages.