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Improve the deliverability and security of emails sent from your WordPress website with MailerSend’s SMTP email plugin for WordPress.

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WordPress hosts are not suitable for high-volume email sending, which may result in undelivered emails or emails going straight to spam. By using an email plugin for WordPress, you can improve your deliverability and reliability, access detailed analytics and reporting, and enhance the security of your transactional emails. 

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With the WordPress SMTP plugin, MailerSend’s dedicated SMTP server will ensure delivery of your contact forms, account notifications, and other transactional emails. It offers additional customization options so that you can specify the sender details such as the From name and Reply-to email address.

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How to use it

  • Head to the WordPress plugin directory and search for MailerSend - Official SMTP Integration. Install and activate the plugin.

  • Retrieve your SMTP credentials by going to the Domains page in the app and clicking Manage next to the appropriate domain. In the SMTP section, enable the use of our SMTP servers instead of the REST API. Your SMTP credentials will be automatically generated.

  • Enter your SMTP username and password into the plugin page in WordPress and test your SMTP connection.

You’re now ready to start sending emails!


What is SMTP?

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a standard protocol for transmitting email messages from one server to another. It’s a simple, text-based protocol that doesn’t provide any formatting or display capabilities, and is primarily used to send text-based emails. 

SMTP is responsible for sending and routing email messages across the internet, and works by establishing a connection with an email server and using a set of commands and codes to send and receive emails. 

Why do I need an SMTP server to send emails from WordPress?

In order to send emails from WordPress, you need an SMTP server because WordPress doesn’t include its own email server. Using a third-party SMTP server ensures that your emails are delivered reliably and efficiently, improving your deliverability.

Does WordPress have SMTP? 

WordPress itself does not include an SMTP server. By default, it uses the PHP mail function to send emails, however, this function is not always reliable and may result in deliverability issues. 

Is MailerSend a free SMTP server?

MailerSend does currently offer a free plan, view all plans and pricing.

How do I integrate SMTP in WordPress?

To start sending emails in WordPress, you can easily integrate SMTP in WordPress with a third-party SMTP plugin. Check out our guide on how to send emails in WordPress to learn more.

How do I send and track emails in WordPress?

With MailerSend’s email plugin for WordPress, you can send emails and then track them with the advanced analytics dashboard in the MailerSend app. From here, you can view email volume, opens and clicks, spam complaints and unsubscribes, unsubscribe reasons, hard and soft bounces, reading environment, and opens by location. You can also create and download your own custom reports, and view real-time activity on the Activity page. 

How to select an SMTP plugin for wordpress?

When choosing a third-party SMTP email plugin for WordPress to use, you need to consider the ease of set up and use, level of customization available, and whether or not you need an SMTP service to go with it.  

MailerSend is an all-in-one solution which provides a reliable and cost-effective SMTP service that you can easily integrate in WordPress using our official SMTP plugin. 

Can I use MailerSend SMTP to send WooCommerce emails? 

MailerSend has a separate WordPress plugin that makes of our email API which can be used to send WooCommerce emails.