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Discover how MailerSend can empower your business’ communications with tools and features to optimize every element of transactional email delivery.

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Send bulk email
Optimize your sendings and preserve your daily request quota by consolidating multiple emails into a single HTTP request.
Email for SaaS
Effortlessly integrate email sending for your software and benefit from advanced email features like inbound routing, SMS, dynamic templating and webhooks.
SMS for banks and financial services
Reach customers of your bank, credit card company or investment service more easily thanks to the 98% open rates of transactional SMS. Currently only available in North America*
SMS for e-commerce
Upgrade your customer experience with e-commerce SMS notifications. Send personalized transactional messages to customers’ phone numbers and enable 2-way conversations with inbound routing.
Reliable transactional email service for WordPress
Improve deliverability and ensure your WordPress emails quickly reach the inbox. Start sending in minutes with the WordPress SMTP plugin.
Transactional emails for WooCommerce
Improve the customer experience with a solution built for maximum deliverability. Plus, enjoy advanced analytics, custom on-brand templates, and award-winning customer support.
Email for e-commerce
Increase customer satisfaction and engagement with a powerful transactional email service for your online store. Enjoy inbound routing, dynamic email templates, text messaging and more.
Secure email for banks and financial services
Build a secure and reliable messaging eco-system with a modern technology stack that complies with all data regulations while offering a first-rate customer experience.
SMS API for SaaS
Add reliable SMS delivery to your applications to programmatically send text notifications, OTPs, and 2FA messages to users.
Email service for startups
Enjoy hassle-free email with great deliverability, 24/7 human support, and flexible pricing with pay-as-you-go plans and money-saving subscriptions. Try it for free — no credit card needed.

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