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Improve deliverability and ensure your WordPress emails quickly reach the inbox. Start sending in minutes with the WordPress SMTP plugin.

Snappy mail delivery without any backlogs like SendInBlue. I had trouble with WPmail for my WordPress site for quite some time. I gave MailerSend a try when I faced some limitations in SendInBlue (only 300 emails per day and it blocked emails when they were sent too frequently). MailerSend worked like a charm.
AJ V. Product Developer,, A replacement for WPmail worked like a snap
Mailersend was easy to set up and add to my website. I can be sure that my transactional emails go out on time and actually get delivered. Previously I had to use other plugins that required a more complicated setup with Gmail.
Keith E. Web Consultant, Keith Dream, Send SMTP email from your website with confidence
Great SMTP relay service—integration with our business was easy. Their support is the best. They usually answer within 1 hour and the information provided is very detailed and helpful.
Pablo V. Computer Programmer, Great SMTP Relay Service

Simple integration via the MailerSend WordPress plugin

Easily connect to MailerSend’s SMTP server with the official WordPress email plugin. Simply install and activate the plugin, enter your SMTP credentials, and you’re ready to start sending. 


Emails that reach the inbox

Unlike WordPress hosts, MailerSend is optimized for large volumes of email and maximum deliverability. You’ll avoid the spam folder and get quick, reliable delivery of contact form submissions, e-commerce notification emails, security alerts, and more.


Detailed analytics and reporting

Access key email metrics such as opens, clicks, bounces, spam complaints, and more on the intuitive analytics dashboard. Export custom reports, monitor real-time activity, and identify potential sending issues before they become a problem. 


Intuitive user management

Invite various team members to contribute with 4 pre-defined roles and granular custom access options. Choose which domains, account settings, permissions, and more each user can access. 


Security and compliance features

Message content is always protected thanks to GDPR compliance and secure S/MIME and PGP encryption. Plus, protect your account with IP allowlisting, 2FA, and custom access restrictions for users. 

Award-winning customer support

You can reach our friendly and knowledgeable customer support team 24/7, whether you need help getting started, troubleshooting an issue, or using more advanced features.

93% satisfaction rate
100% response rate
24/7 support hours

Advanced email API

Create more complex integrations and workflows with the MailerSend API and choose from 7 SDKs in your favorite programming language. Access advanced features such as dynamic email templates, inbound routing, email split testing, and more.
Read our API docs
curl -X POST \ \
    -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    -H 'X-Requested-With: XMLHttpRequest' \
    -H 'Authorization: Bearer {place your token here without brackets}' \
    -d '{
        "from": {
            "email": ""
            "to": [
            "email": ""
        "subject": "Hello from MailerSend!",
        "text": "Greetings from the team, you got this message through MailerSend.",
        "html": "

Greetings from the team, you got this message through MailerSend.

" }'
use MailerSend\MailerSend;
use MailerSend\Helpers\Builder\Recipient;
use MailerSend\Helpers\Builder\EmailParams;

$mailersend = new MailerSend(['api_key' => 'key']);

$recipients = [
new Recipient('', 'Your Client'),

$emailParams = (new EmailParams())
->setFromName('Your Name')

Greetings from the team, you got this message through MailerSend.

') ->setText('Greetings from the team, you got this message through MailerSend.'); $mailersend->email->send($emailParams);
php artisan make:mail ExampleEmail

Mail::to('')->send(new ExampleEmail());
const Recipient = require("mailersend").Recipient;
const EmailParams = require("mailersend").EmailParams;
const MailerSend = require("mailersend");

const mailersend = new MailerSend({
    api_key: "key",

const recipients = [new Recipient("", "Your Client")];

const emailParams = new EmailParams()
    .setFromName("Your Name")

Greetings from the team, you got this message through MailerSend.

") .setText("Greetings from the team, you got this message through MailerSend."); mailersend.send(emailParams);
package main

import (


var APIKey string = "Api Key Here"

func main() {
    ms := mailersend.NewMailersend(APIKey)

    ctx := context.Background()
    ctx, cancel := context.WithTimeout(ctx, 5*time.Second)
    defer cancel()

    subject := "Subject"
    text := "Greetings from the team, you got this message through MailerSend."
    html := "

Greetings from the team, you got this message through MailerSend.

" from := mailersend.From{ Name: "Your Name", Email: "", } recipients := []mailersend.Recipient{ { Name: "Your Client", Email: "", }, } variables := []mailersend.Variables{ { Email: "", Substitutions: []mailersend.Substitution{ { Var: "foo", Value: "bar", }, }, }, } tags := []string{"foo", "bar"} message := ms.NewMessage() message.SetFrom(from) message.SetRecipients(recipients) message.SetSubject(subject) message.SetHTML(html) message.SetText(text) message.SetSubstitutions(variables) message.SetTags(tags) res, _ := ms.Send(ctx, message) fmt.Printf(res.Header.Get("X-Message-Id")) }
from mailersend import emails

mailer = emails.NewEmail()

mail_body = {}

mail_from = {
    "name": "Your Name",
    "email": "",

recipients = [
        "name": "Your Client",
        "email": "",

mailer.set_mail_from(mail_from, mail_body)
mailer.set_mail_to(recipients, mail_body)
mailer.set_subject("Hello!", mail_body)

Greetings from the team, you got this message through MailerSend.

", mail_body) mailer.set_plaintext_content("Greetings from the team, you got this message through MailerSend.", mail_body) mailer.send(mail_body)
require "mailersend-ruby"

# Intialize the email class
ms_email =

# Add parameters
ms_email.add_recipients("email" => "", "name" => "Your Client")
ms_email.add_recipients("email" => "", "name" => "Your Client")
ms_email.add_from("email" => "", "name" => "Your Name")
ms_email.add_text("Greetings from the team, you got this message through MailerSend.")
ms_email.add_html("Greetings from the team, you got this message through MailerSend.")

# Send the email

Simple SMS API (North America)

Send transactional messages as high volume, toll-free SMS with the SMS API. Deliver 2FA messages, appointment reminders, security alerts and more to recipient’s mobile devices. 


Inbuilt email verification

Boost your email deliverability and protect your sender reputation with the email verification tool. Easily identify and export invalid email addresses, then add them to your suppressions lists. 


Easily connect other web apps with MailerSend so they seamlessly work together to share information, automate workflows and enhance your customer experience.

A cost-effective solution with award-winning deliverability for your WordPress website

Get started with 3,000 emails per month for free and pay as you go for extra emails. Or, upgrade for better pricing and more features.
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$1.40 1.40 £1.40 /100 SMS
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Frequent asked questions

Is it difficult to start sending emails from my WordPress site using MailerSend?

With the official MailerSend WordPress SMTP plugin, you can get started with email sending in just a few steps. All you need to do is install the plugin and enter your credentials. 

Are there limits on the volume of emails I can send?

The volume of emails you can send depends on your plan. Check out the plans and pricing.

How does MailerSend ensure high deliverability?

Unlike WordPress hosts and WP mail SMTP, MailerSend has 13+ years of experience in delivering email marketing campaigns and transactional emails at high volumes. We have an expert deliverability team dedicated to ensuring and optimizing the deliverability of our servers, and we take steps to monitor blocklist activity and other potential issues. 

Can I send emails for free with the WordPress plug-in?

The plugin is free and with a Free MailerSend plan, you can send up to 3,000 emails per month without any cost. Learn more about pricing