Make integration with MailerSend

Connect your web apps and add transactional emailing to the rest of your tech stack

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Integration Support

Check out their knowledge base or contact them by creating a ticket.

Make is an integration platform that moves data between apps by connecting them and automating workflows.

The MailerSend Make integration makes an API call or sends an email when an action is triggered in a workflow.

Note: MailerSend Premium plan users can get 2 months of Make Pro absolutely free. Contact our support team to collect your discount.

How to use it

  • Access the Make app.

  • Create a new scenario.

  • Add as many modules as your flow requires. You can set a scheduling setting, a filter or any other setting.

  • Select MailerSend as one of your modules and fill out the module details. Use the “Send an email” action to send an email or “Make an API call” to request other endpoints.

  • Connect MailerSend to Make by adding your API key.

  • Save and run a test!