Trusted SMTP relay service

Use Simple Mail Transfer Protocol when you want to quickly send emails using a reliable Internet standard. Our SMTP relay service takes care of your email delivery so you don’t have to manage an email server.


Quick to set up and use

Send outbound emails from any app, device or email client with just an SMTP server name, port, username and password. There’s no need to integrate an API or write complex code.


Send outgoing emails reliably

Relaying messages helps you overcome sending limits from ISPs like Google Gmail, Microsoft Outlook and Yahoo. Send transactional emails and bulk emails with the confidence that they’ll be delivered by mail relay servers.


Enjoy better deliverability

Avoid email deliverability issues with email providers and stay away from spam folders and blacklists. Reach the inbox with a third-party SMTP relay server that provides clean IP addresses and authenticated domain names.


Stay informed with reports

View your email message activity in real time on your dashboard. You’ll see activity statuses such as bounces, clicks and unsubscribes. Filter your email messages further by subject, recipient and tags.

Integrate emails in your stack now

Use our SMTP relay service to start sending emails within your apps. Get started with 12,000 free emails per month! Comes with 24/7 help from a friendly, dedicated support team.

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