Web-based file manager

Streamline your workflow by keeping all your marketing assets in MailerSend’s cloud storage. Your team can easily access and share files and folders using a robust file management system.


Keep all your files in one place

Avoid the hassle of managing files across different hard drives and internal storage. Upload file types like documents, images, videos, and many more, to your own file server similar to Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.


Organize your files and folders

Manage files across different clients and domains by creating new folders, then assign folder names and file names to your projects. Rename, delete and move existing files to keep your folder structure tidy.


Import files from anywhere

It’s easy to add images, PDFs and GIFs from the web using the import URL feature. Or import new files from your Mac, Windows or Linux operating system by dragging and dropping them to the cloud file system.

More features to explore

MailerSend is packed full of features that help you save time and grow your business.

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