Email activity

Track email activity in real-time to learn how specific emails or domains are performing. Troubleshoot sending issues and get insights into opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and more.


Follow email journeys

Keep track of all messages that were sent through MailerSend's email API and check their status to see if they were delivered or bounced. Easily filter emails by recipient, subject line, date range and more!


Inspect email message activity

Review email events from the moment messages are sent to delivery, including opens, clicks and unsubscribes. Use activity data and real email previews to evaluate and improve the performance of email templates.


Get to know your recipient's behavior

See the full email history, along with what emails and when, that was sent to a particular recipient. Understand how they interacted with your email, including opens, clicks, survey responses and more.

Dig deeper with the analytics dashboard

Monitor important KPIs for your whole account or each domain. Create and download custom reports based on date, tags, engagement, recipient location, bounces, and more.


Improve your deliverability

Review your activity and post it to your database to analyze for delivery issues, inspect error messages and diagnose email sending. Protect your sender reputation by reducing bounces.


Check activity on the go with the iOS app

Stay in the know about the status and timeline of every email—any time, anywhere! Filter activity on the MailerSend iOS appby domain or event, easily pause sending, and access other important settings from the palm of your hand.


Store your email history indefinitely by integrating an automation platform. Post the webhook's payload to a third-party table, such as Google Sheets or Airtable, or directly within your own database.

What our users think

Very well organized with powerful filter functions

"Excellent deliverability, instant sending, powerful API, complete email analytics and fast support. They have a great dashboard with a vast amount of valuable data about the emails sent."

Steffen S.

Super easy to use API for devs and easy to use mail templating for designers

"I love that we can define data from the dashboard and simply call via API to easily send emails. It's awesome. Plus. it has a very clear dashboard for tracking errors and mail bounces."

Raphael A.

It's really the most simple and powerful transactional email tool

"I've done several projects integrating MailerSend with Airtable and it works like magic. My clients save hours of valuable time sending emails and human error is also solved."

Spora D.

Frequently asked questions

What filters are available for sorting email messages?

On the Activity page, you can filter data by tag, domain/subdomain, date, recipient, message ID, subject, or event status. Learn more about how to tag emails.

In which formats can I export email activity data?

You can export reports from the Analytics dashboard in CSV and CSV for Excel formats.

Can I view inbound activity?

Yes! Inbound activity is available on the inbound route page.

How can I access detailed email message information?

The Activity page gives an overview of the recipient, email subject, date sent, domain, tags and event status. By clicking on an email, you can view more information including the tracking options enabled for the message, a timeline of the email’s journey, the template used, sender address, and an HTML, plain text and raw source preview of the email.

How long does MailerSend retain activity data for?

For the Free plan there is a 7-day data retention period, for Premium, 14 days and for Enterprise, 30 days. If you would like to keep your data for longer, you can integrate an automation platform to post the data to a third-party app or your database.

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