Email activity

Get an overview of your email message activity in an instant. Search your real-time activity feed and then dive into specific emails and recipients to help with troubleshooting.


Follow your email journeys

See all your messages that were sent through our email API. Check their status to see if they were delivered or bounced, then search for emails by recipient, subject line, date range and more!


Inspect email message activity

Review all the email event types from the time it was sent to our mail server, including opens, clicks and unsubscribes. Improve the click-through rates of your email templates by previewing their HTML or raw source version.


Get to know your recipient’s behavior

See the full email history, along with what emails and when, that was sent to a particular recipient. Understand how they interacted with your email, including opens, clicks and related activity.


Improve your delivery with logs

Regularly review your activity logs to identify delivery issues, inspect error messages and diagnose email sending. Protect your sender reputation by minimizing soft bounces and avoiding hard bounces.

Start analyzing your email activity now

Use account activity logs to optimize your email sending. Scale quickly and send emails that are optimized for deliverability. Get started with 12,000 free emails per month!

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