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Email tagging

Email tagging becomes handy when you start sending more emails. 

Usually, there are different types of transactional emails like password reminders, invoices or other email notifications.

When you send many different emails, it might become difficult to find the analytics for each email. MailerSend is here to help. You can tag your email message using our Email API.

Email tagging is simple. You just have to pass the tags parameter in a JSON object with the rest of the data when sending an email through the MailerSend Email API.

Please keep in mind that this parameter is an array of string. You can use more than one tag, but not more than 10. 

Check our Email API documentation to get more details about email tagging.

We recommend using tags such as password_reminder for your password reminder emails, or monthly_invoice for your monthly invoices. You can create any tag you like. Keep in mind that each tag should be unique for emails within that category. You don’t need to generate unique tags for each email.

Once your tags are ready, you can apply them using filters in your Activity or Analytics pages.

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