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SMS verification and limits

Learn how to verify phone numbers and recipients for SMS functionality in your app with our detailed guide. Understand the verification form process, its benefits, and how to add recipients for testing.

When you first purchase a phone number through the Plan & Billing page, it’s important to submit the verification form. Otherwise, you will not be able to send more than 1000 SMS/day. Once the form is submitted, you will be notified if the form has been approved/rejected or if more details are needed.

The verification form

To verify your new phone number:

  1. Go to SMS.

  2. Choose Phone numbers

  3. Click the arrow next to the Manage button for the phone number that you wish to verify. 

  4. Click Verify.

A verification form will open where you can fill out your company details and information about how you plan to use SMS. 

Verifying a recipient

Verified recipients are phone numbers that you can use to test your app's SMS functionality. You can add up to 10 verified recipients to your account.

Verified recipients serve two purposes:

  • To test your app before your phone number is approved. If you haven't yet been approved for a phone number, you can still integrate SMS into your app and use the trial phone number to send test SMS to your verified recipients.

  • To test new features on your app after your phone number is approved. Once your phone number has been approved, you can use your verified recipients to test new features on your app before you release them to the public.

To add a verified recipient: 

  1. Go to SMS.

  2. Open the Verified recipients page.

  3. Click Add recipient

  4. Enter the phone number in international format (e.g., +19192223456). At this time, only US phone numbers are accepted.

When adding a verified recipient, the owner of the phone number will have to verify it by entering the verification code in the modal. Only then can this number receive SMS marketing messages. 

Keep in mind that SMS is currently only available in the US and Canada.