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How to manage multiple MailerSend accounts

If you manage multiple businesses or web apps, or run an agency, you may find yourself in need of more than one MailerSend account.

Luckily, it’s super easy to create and switch between multiple accounts from your MailerSend dashboard.

How to create an additional account

To create an additional MailerSend account:

1. Click the top left-hand account menu and select New account.

Screenshot showing account menu and new account navigation.

2. In the accounts dashboard, click the New account button.

Screenshot of the account dashboard and new account button.

3. Enter a name for your new account and click Create.

Create new account pop-up to enter the accounts name.

How to switch between accounts

Once you have multiple accounts set up, you can easily navigate between them by clicking the top left-hand account menu, selecting Switch account, and selecting the account you want to log in to.

Accounts dashboard with multiple accounts.

How to switch to an account you didn’t create

If your colleague or client has already created an account, this account can also be added to your Switch account page by following these steps:

1. Provide your colleague or client with these instructions on how to add a new user to their account.

2. You will be required to provide an email address for your new user account. Provide the exact same email address you use to log in to your own account.

Your colleague or client will be instructed to send an invitation to that email address. Once you receive the invitation, you will be able to create your user account with the same login credentials that you use to log in to your own account.

All accounts with the same login credentials will appear on your Switch account page.

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