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How to integrate MailerSend with Slack for email event notifications

The MailerSend integration with Slack allows users to receive real-time notifications about transactional email events directly in their Slack workspace.

Setting up MailerSend with Slack

Add MailerSend to your Slack workspace

  1. Add the MailerSend integration to Slack. 

  2. Follow the prompts to sign in to your Slack workspace and select the channel that you want notifications to be posted to.

Create and configure the webhook

  1. Go to the Domains section in your MailerSend account and click Manage for the domain you want to use for the integration.

  2. Scroll to Webhooks and click Add webhook.

3. Enter a name for your webhook and select the email events you wish to monitor. Please note that events like Sent and Delivered are not currently supported.

4. Copy the URL provided by Slack when setting up the integration and paste it into the Webhook URL field in the MailerSend webhook setup.

Supported webhook events

activity.soft_bounced Triggered when an email soft bounces
activity.hard_bounced Triggered when an email hard bounces
activity.opened_unique Triggered when an email is opened for the first time by the recipient
activity.clicked_unique Triggered when a link in the email is clicked for the first time
activity.unsubscribed Triggered when a recipient unsubscribes
activity.spam_complaint Triggered when an email is marked as spam
activity.survey_opened Triggered when a survey in an email is opened for the first time
activity.survey_submitted Triggered when a survey is completed
sender_identity.verified Triggered when a sender identity is verified
maintenance.start Triggered at the start of a maintenance period
maintenance.end Triggered at the end of a maintenance period

Using Slack commands with MailerSend

  • /mailersend help: Provides instructions on setting up the integration and receiving the webhook URL

  • /mailersend docs: Directs you to the developer documentation for further assistance

Once the setup is complete, notifications about selected email events will be posted in the designated Slack channel. Each notification will include details such as the event type, the recipient's email, and a link to the activity page for more information.