How to create a template

Save time when creating emails by creating an email template. You can use the drag & drop editor or import your own HTML to create a template that you can save and use for future emails.

To create a template:

1. Navigate to the Templates page.

2. Click Create template.

3. Select the editor in which you want to create your template.

Note: The Custom HTML editor allows you to use your own HTML to build your template while the Drag & drop editor allows you to design your email without the use of code.

4. Select a premade email template to build from, or build your email template from scratch.

5. Design your template.

6. Save your changes.

How to use the drag & drop editor

Anyone can design a clean, branded email using our simple drag & drop editor. In the sidebar you will see two tabs: Blocks and Settings.


Under the Blocks tab, you will find all of the blocks you can use to build your email template. 

The blocks you can choose from include:

  • Image - Use this block to add an image, such as your logo, to your template

  • Text - The text block can be used to add any text to your email including headings and subheadings

  • Button - Use this block to redirect recipients to an external link using a button

  • Divider - Dividers are used to separate your email into sections by adding a small line between blocks

  • Spacer - Spacers are used to separate your email into sections by adding a larger empty space between blocks

  • Article - The article block displays an article with a featured image, excerpt and button linking to the article

  • Product - The product block allows you to display a product image, product description, price and CTA in your template

  • Table - Use this block to embed a table in your template

  • Signature - This block allows you to add a personalized signature and profile picture to your template

  • Code - The code block allows you to add custom HTML to your template

Note: The Code block is for HTML experts. JavaScript and codes such as embed, frame, iframe, form, input, object and textarea are not supported.
  • Sections - There are 2 sections blocks. One containing 2 columns and one containing 3 columns. The sections blocks allow you to divide email content into columns. Once you have added a sections block, you can drag and drop other blocks into each column

To add blocks to your email template, drag and drop the blocks you wish to use into the body of your email.


Use the settings tab to edit the style settings of your email. You can apply changes to your email’s Global settings as well as individual Block settings.

Global settings

To edit your email’s global settings:

1. Ensure you have no blocks selected.

2. In the sidebar, click the Settings tab.

Here you will find 3 types of settings: Template settings, Content settings and Footer settings.

1. Template settings

Under Template settings you’ll find the following settings:

  • Blocks type - Choose whether you want your blocks to be displayed as a centered list or with the full width of the screen

  • Font - Select the font you wish to use for the entire template

  • Background & more - Click the design bubbles under Background & more to change the background color/image and apply font settings to your email preheader

2. Content settings

Under Content settings, you’ll find all of the design elements required to change your template’s style settings.

  • Blocks style - Here you can edit the background color of the blocks within your template

  • Style - Under Style you can edit the global style settings for your template. Including the font, font color, line spacing and more

  • Call to action - Here you can edit the style of all buttons within your template

  • Product style - Under Product style you can edit the font and formatting of the prices displayed on your product blocks

  • Table style - Here you can edit the style settings of any tables included in your template

3. Footer settings 

Under Footer settings, you’ll be able to edit all the design elements within your email footer including the footer background, fonts, font styles, line spacing and more.

Block settings

If you require a particular block to have different style settings than the rest of your template, you can edit your individual block settings.

To edit the settings of a particular block:

1. Hover over the block you wish to edit.

2. Click the pencil icon.

3. Edit your block’s settings in the sidebar.

How to edit the content within the footer block

If you wish to display a logo, additional company information or any disclaimers in your email template, the footer is the place to do it.

To add your logo to your footer:

1. Hover over the footer block and click the pencil icon.

2. In the sidebar, click the Content tab.

3. Click the image icon to open your File manager.

4. Upload or select an image from your file manager.

To add additional information to your footer:

1. Hover over the footer block and click the pencil icon.

2. In the sidebar, click the Settings tab.

3. Under Footer, use the dropdown menu to select what information you want to display in your footer.

How to organize templates into categories

Keep track of your templates by organizing them into categories. 

To create a new template category:

1. Navigate to the Templates page.

2. On the left-hand side under Category, click New category.

3. Enter a name for your new category.

4. Click Create.

Now you can use the left-hand menu to select a category in which you’d like to create a new template.

To add an existing template to a new category:

1. Hover over the template you wish to add and click Edit.

2. Under Category, use the dropdown menu to select the category in which you want to put your existing template.

Need more info?

Feel free to reach out to A member of our support team will gladly assist you.