Email analytics

Access a wide range of key metrics in MailerSend’s email analytics dashboard to learn what works and what needs optimization so you can keep improving your email performance.

Keep track of important KPIs

Real-time analytics tools keep track of email open rates, bounce rates and click-through rates, so you can quickly gauge email performance and make adjustments.

Monitor and maintain your deliverability

View the total number of spam complaints, soft bounces, hard bounces, and unsubscribe rates, and take steps to minimize them for improved deliverability. Monitor your sender reputation directly from the reputation meter in the dashboard.

Access analytics via API

Integrate your MailerSend email activity with your own custom dashboards or apps to display analytics such as open rate, CTR, bounce rate, and other data for a list of recipients, domain names or tags.

Discover how people read your emails

See which email clients, like Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo, are most popular within your email list. Review your subject lines and content for better email engagement across mobile, desktop, browsers and email service providers.

Identify where your readers are

Email tracking tells you where your recipients are located and which countries have the highest engagement. Improve your email performance by targeting specific regions or scheduling the best sending times.

Create custom reports from the email analytics dashboard

Create reports to share with all departments and align the rest of the team with your sending strategy. Retrieve data by domains and timeframes, then apply tags or statuses to find exactly what you want.

Get unique insights with split testing

Split test up to 5 variations of a template to find out which subject lines, content and call to action work. View the email templates’ opens, clicks and unsubscribes to choose the best email and then keep optimizing.
Great service, works flawlessly! MailerSend has a great dashboard with a vast amount of valuable data about the emails sent. It’s very well organized and has powerful filter functions.
Steffen S. Small Business, Owner
For both developers and designers! Super easy-to-use API for developers, easy-to-use mail templating for designers. It's awesome. Plus, a very clear dashboard for tracking errors and bounces.
Raphael A. Small-Business, CTO
A true no-brainer. Ease of use, integrations and fair pricing: it's a no-brainer—they will bring the value you need. The dashboard is a state-of-the-art example of an easy product.
G2 Reviewer Financial Services, Verified User

Frequently Asked Questions

What is analytics in email?

Email analytics refers to the process of collection, measuring and analyzing data about the performance of transactional emails as well as email marketing campaigns. Email analytics can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of a transactional email strategy and help businesses to make informed decisions about their email sending. 

Why are email analytics important?

Email analytics are important because they provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of your transactional email-sending efforts. By tracking metrics such as open rate, click-through rate, bounces, and number of unsubscribes you can see how your emails are performing and identify areas for improvement.

How do I get analytics from my email?

There are a few ways to get analytics from your emails, depending on the tools you are using to send and manage your emails. The best way to accurately measure your email performance is to use a reliable and reputable email service provider that offers an inbuilt email analytics dashboard where you can access key metrics and create reports.

How can I start tracking emails?

If you’re looking for a transactional email solution that provides in-depth analytics and many other great features, look no further! Sign up to MailerSend for free and get 3,000 emails/month.

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