Powerful email delivery service

Reach more customers faster with a reliable email delivery service that’s optimized for maximum deliverability at scale.

Protect your sender reputation

Verify a list of recipients with the inbuilt email verification tool or integrate real-time validation with your website or app to prevent invalid emails.


Rely on expert deliverability know-how

Our deliverability team has over 10 years of email delivery experience and knows what it takes to get the best deliverability while reducing spam complaints and bounce rates.


Secure your email sending identity

Authenticate your email and protect your sender reputation with SPF and DKIM. Robust email authentication ensures that your domains are safe from spammers and unauthorized sendings.


Monitor reputation and activity in real-time

Stay in the know about your account reputation via the dedicated dashboard. Get real-time webhook notifications about bounces and spam complaints so you can monitor potential issues and take action.


Easily manage suppressions

Bounces, unsubscribes and spam complaints are instantly added to your blocklists while automatic unsubscribe links in emails work to reduce spam complaints by allowing recipients to easily opt out.


Reliable delivery at scale

You can depend on our robust email infrastructure, expert deliverability team and premium IP pools to ensure your emails are delivered quickly and reliably, whether you send a few thousand or millions.


Get a free deliverability consultation

Further enhance your email delivery rate with expert advice (Premium plans only). We’ll help you increase your open rates and inbox placement rates, improve your sender reputation and avoid spam folders.

Customer support when you need it

Get help when you need it most—day or night. Send an email message and get a fast reply or enjoy live chat support with every premium plan.

93% satisfaction rate
100% response rate
24/7 support hours

What our customers have to say

Well-designed service

"A well-designed, easy-to-use interface. Good template editor. Source code editing options are always available. Snappy mail delivery without any backlogs, API documentation is very clean and understandable."

Pekka G.

Send emails with confidence

"I had previously used other plugins that required a more complicated setup. Mailersend was easy to set up and add to my website and I can be sure that my transactional emails go out on time and actually get delivered."

Keith E.

Excellent deliverability

"Excellent deliverability, instant sending, powerful API, complete email analytics, and fast support. It's straightforward to set up; I barely used the documentation. They have a great dashboard with a vast amount of valuable data."

Steffen S.


Do I need to code to start sending emails with MailerSend?

MailerSend includes no-code options such as our WordPress SMTP plugin and integration with Zapier which allows you to connect MailerSend to 4000+ apps to create automation workflows.

Do you help me get started if I sign up to MailerSend?

Premium plan users enjoy free onboarding assistance to get started with MailerSend. Free plan users have access to email support and a wealth of developer’s documentation and guides.

Is MailerSend a free email delivery service?

MailerSend offers a Free plan which includes 3,000 emails per month. Additional emails are charged $1 per 1,000. For better pricing on additional emails and more advanced features including transactional SMS, inbound routing and live chat support, users can upgrade at any time to a Premium plan. Check out our pricing.

How do you make sure your sending reputation is stable and reliable?

Each user that signs up for MailerSend’s email service goes through a rigorous verification process. This is to prevent bad actors or spammers from using our services, which helps us to maintain a healthy pool of IP addresses with good sender reputations

We monitor the activity and health of our IPs daily, so any potential issues will be caught and rectified before they have a chance to affect our users or their email deliverability. We also make sure that all content sent out by our users is in accordance with our Terms of Service (ToS) and we have automatic alerts in place that notify us of suspicious sending activity. 
And lastly, we have 10+ years of experience as an email service provider in the email marketing and transactional email industry, so you can rest assured that your emails are in good hands!

More features to explore

MailerSend is packed full of features that help you save time and grow your business.

Start collaborating on transactional emails now

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