Send surveys and get to know your customers

Understand your customers and users on a deeper level and gain valuable insights to help you improve your product and customer experience with surveys.

Tailor surveys with 7 question types

Craft your survey for maximum engagement by choosing from several templates including NPS score, multiple choice, open question, matrix style and more. Add up to 5 questions to your survey.


Why survey emails are great tools for businesses

More efficient than traditional data collection methods. Easily and quickly collect feedback from your customers.

Increase engagement—recipients are more likely to click when prompted by a survey.

Understand your users and customers in a more profound way and apply this to your business strategy.

Discover and resolve pain points that are encountered in your product or service and increase customer satisfaction.

Use customer feedback to segment recipients and personalize further communication.

Build trust and strengthen relationships with customers by showing them that you value their opinion.


Make survey emails dynamic

Add survey rules for dynamic questionnaires that perform based on the recipient’s answers. Skip questions and make the survey more relevant for the user.


Maximize survey completions

Encourage respondents to finish surveys and maximize completions by showing their progress. Plus, allow people to adjust their answers by moving freely through the survey.


Easily connect other web apps with MailerSend so they seamlessly work together to share information, automate workflows and enhance your customer experience.

Use cases for surveys in your emails

NPS surveys

Learn what your customers think and how many detractors, passives and promoters you have with a Net Promoter Score.

Market research

Gain valuable insights about your customers and use this data to drive your customer experience and product strategy.

Customer satisfaction survey

Discover your CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) score to see how your business is doing and take steps to improve it.

Customer support feedback

Allow customers to rate recent customer support experiences and identify areas of strength and weakness.

Website/App experience

Learn more about the user experience of your website or app when performing an action and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Customer Effort

Find out how easy it is to complete a specific action with a Customer Effort Score and learn how to improve the customer journey.

Learn more about your customers today!

Start sending surveys with MailerSend—learn how to create a survey email with our help guide.

Frequently asked questions

Are email surveys effective?

Surveys via email are one of the most effective ways to gather insights about your users and customer base. You can send surveys to your most valuable audience—your existing customers—meaning that their feedback will be more relevant. What’s more, emails via survey have proven to result in higher survey response rates than by traditional methods, as they are easier for recipients to complete at their leisure.

Are surveys considered transactional emails?

Yes, when you send a survey about a product or service, it is triggered by an action the recipient has taken and is therefore transactional. You can learn more about transactional emails in our guide.

Is there any technical knowledge required to use the survey block?

You can easily design the survey block and add survey questions using MailerSend’s drag and drop email editor, however, data collection of survey responses will require the use of webhooks.

Are survey emails subject to CAN-SPAM Act?

According to the FTC, “Emails containing true opinion and research surveys may fall outside the scope of the Act, but to the extent that any such message seeks to advertise or promote a brand, a company, or a product or service to the recipient, it also may be primarily commercial in purpose, and therefore subject to the Act’s requirements and prohibitions.”

When should I send a survey email?

For general surveys, the best time and day to send a survey invitation depends on the industry. For surveys about recent transactions and experiences, it’s a good idea to send the survey invitation email within a few days, while the experience is still fresh in the customer’s mind.

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