Real-time email webhooks

Get notified in an instant when a transactional email event happens. Simply configure your endpoints, the events you want to track, and the automated response.


Receive instant push updates

Use webhooks to listen for email events without wasting time constantly polling the API. As soon as updates are pushed to the server, you receive notifications on the callback URL.


Send secure HTTP requests

Protect your webhook URLs from malicious activity and false events with secure signature headers. Every HTTP POST request sent to your receiving app contains a secret signature key that is unique to you.


Monitor events as they happen

Create your custom analytics dashboard and set up triggered workflows based on any event type of your choice. Get notified for a successful email delivery, spam complaints from recipients, and much more.


Review your webhook history

See all POST requests, including retries, for your URL endpoints in the past 7 days. Monitor your webhook event data for any discrepancies, then disable or delete your webhooks when necessary.

More features to explore

MailerSend is packed full of features that help you save time and grow your business.

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