MailerSend application for Slack

Receive email notifications in your Slack workspace

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Stay on in the know about your transactional email performance with real-time notifications delivered straight to Slack. Be notified of opens, bounces, clicks, spam complaints, and survey events, so you can take action when it matters.

Why integrate MailerSend with Slack?

The MailerSend application for Slack allows you to instantly receive notifications of clicks, bounces, and spam complaints in the channel of your choice. Use it to:

1. Monitor email bounces: Learn in real-time about bounces so you can monitor for issues that may be impacting your deliverability. 

2. Monitor results: If you’re sending out an important notification or introducing a new email, you and your colleagues can easily be notified of how it’s performing without the need to login to the MailerSend app. 

3. Monitor survey events: Get a notification every time someone opens and responds to your survey.

4. Sender identity verification: Get a message in Slack as soon as your sender identity has been verified and is ready to use. 

5. Maintenance notifications: Inform members of the Slack channel when MailerSend starts and stops a maintenance period. 

You can add as many people as you want to your Slack channel to allow access to important updates and notifications to whoever needs them.

How to get started:

1. Create a webhook on your sending domain’s page and select the events you want to monitor.

2. Copy the URL provided by this application to the webhook URL field.

And that’s all there is to it. Once set up, all your email events will be posted in your chosen Slack channel. Quickly learn more about any notification by clicking on the email activity link in the message.

Webhook events

Here is a complete list of the webhook events you can use with this app.




Fired when your email is not delivered because it soft bounced.


Fired when your email is not delivered because it hard bounced.


Fired when the recipient receives your email and opens it only for the first time.


Fired when a recipient clicks a link in your email for the first time.


Fired when a recipient unsubscribes from your emails.


Fired when a recipient marks your emails as spam or junk.


Fired when a recipient opens an email containing a survey for the first time.


Fired when a recipient answers all available questions in a survey-based email or after an idle time of 30 minutes.


Fired when a sender identity has been successfully verified.


Fired when a maintenance period begins.


Fired when a maintenance period ends.

MailerSend application for Slack commands

Here is a list of commands you can use with this app:

/mailersend help: Learn how to set up the app and get the webhook URL to enter into your MailerSend account.

/mailersend docs: Access the developers’ documentation.

Start receiving transactional email notifications in Slack. Add MailerSend to your Slack workspace.