Custom HTML template builder

Work with your own code using our HTML email template builder. Design responsive email templates that meet your unique requirements while showcasing your brand identity!

Work faster with our email editor

Save time and speed up your workflow with our specialized functionality including syntax highlighting, autocompleting tags and error tagging. Easily embed merge tags to personalize your emails for subscribers at scale.


Perfect your email before sending

Create beautiful email designs that look good in Gmail and Outlook by previewing them in real time. Then send test emails to check how your custom HTML code, CSS and GIFs appear in different email clients.


Update your HTML template safely at any time

Enjoy the freedom of editing your HTML template at any time. Update your HTML code and save the template as a draft version while the previous version of the template is still active and being sent to your recipients. Publish the draft version when you are ready.


Send quickly with pre-built code

It’s easy to send your email campaigns with MailerSend’s API. No need for third-party plugins! Simply copy the sending instructions for your favorite programming language and paste it into your terminal or file.


Manage your templates in one place

Organize your email templates into categories like CRM and e-commerce, then reuse favorites by duplicating them. Set default settings like subject, sender and email address for easy, automatic sending.

Start designing custom templates now

Bring your developers, marketers and email designers together to work on your templates. Scale quickly and send emails that are optimized for deliverability. Get started with 12,000 free emails per month!

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