Email verification tool

Keep your domain reputation safe and increase deliverability. Our email verification tool offers the most comprehensive set of checks to help reduce bounce rates and improve transactional email performance.

Verify email addresses in bulk

Upload a CSV list of email addresses and MailerSend’s batch email verification tool will identify safe emails as well as those that will soft or hard bounce. You’ll then get an auto-generated report directly in your inbox.


Real-time email verification API

The email verification API endpoint enables you to verify email addresses on the fly, directly from your app. Inform users in real time if the email they enter is invalid and prevent them from being added to your list.


Advanced verification with multiple checks

MailerSend’s email checker validates your email addresses via an advanced verification process that involves detecting typos, syntax, catch-all emails, disposable emails and full inboxes.

Why email validation is important

Maintain a good sender reputation and increase deliverability by filtering invalid and risky emails.

Save money by only sending emails to real recipients—don’t waste your emails on invalid email addresses.

Preserve the accuracy of your sending data and analytics for a more realistic overview of your performance.


Only send to valid email addresses

Download your email verification results and add bad emails to your suppression lists so no future messages will be sent to them. Enhance your transactional sendings by only sending to real recipients.


Avoid the spam folder

Achieve better inbox placement rates and ensure your most important emails receive maximum visibility and increased engagement, while boosting your credibility as a sender.


Experts in email deliverability

Our team is backed by 10+ years of deliverability excellence as a marketing/transactional emailing and email verification service provider. You can rest assured your recipient list is in good hands.

Pay-as-you-go email address verification

There’s no need to upgrade just to get email verification. Simply purchase email verification credits as and when you need them, no subscription necessary.
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Frequently asked questions

What’s a valid email address?

A valid email address is any email address that meets certain technical and formatting requirements in order to be accepted by email servers. These include email addresses that have all the necessary parts: an email prefix and a domain name, are free from syntax errors and typos, and belong to active mailboxes (i.e. not disposable emails). 

There are other types of email addresses, such as role-based and catch-all, that can technically accept incoming mail but may not be delivered to an actual person. These email addresses are considered risky.

What is an email verification tool?

An email address verification tool is a software application or service that is used to verify the accuracy and validity of email addresses. Email verifiers use various techniques to check the different elements of an email address to ensure that it’s likely to be deliverable.

Which file formats can I use to verify a list?

You can upload your list in the CSV file format.

Why is it important to validate email addresses before sending?

It’s important to verify email addresses before sending emails for several reasons:

Deliverability: Verifying email addresses ensures that the messages you send will reach the intended recipients. Invalid or non-existent email addresses will result in delivery errors and bounce messages, which can damage your sender reputation and deliverability. Check more ways to improve your deliverability.

Data quality: Verifying email addresses helps to maintain the quality and integrity of your email list. Invalid or outdated email addresses can lead to inaccurate data and make it more difficult to analyze your sendings. 

User experience: Verifying email addresses helps to ensure a better user experience for your recipients. When an email is sent to an invalid address, the recipient will not receive the message and may become frustrated, which can lead to a negative perception of your brand. This is especially important for transactional emails

Cost of sending: If you are sending emails to a large number of invalid email addresses, those sendings will still count towards your sending quota, resulting in unnecessarily inflated costs. Good email hygiene can save you money.

How do I verify an email?

There are a few ways to verify email addresses, including manually checking for common formatting errors and sending a confirmation email to the address. The best method, however, is to use an email validation service which will provide you with more accurate results and can check email addresses in bulk or provide real-time verification.

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