Email verification

Keep your domain reputation safe and increase deliverability by filtering out invalid email addresses with the email verification tool. Reduce bounce rates and improve transactional email performance.

Verify email addresses in bulk

Simply upload a CSV list of email addresses and MailerSend’s advanced bulk email verification tool will identify which emails are safe for sending and which ones will soft or hard bounce, so you can send with confidence.


Advanced verification with multiple checks

MailerSend’s email checker validates your email addresses via an advanced verification process that involves detecting typos, syntax, catch-all emails, disposable emails and full inboxes.


Only send to valid email addresses

Minimize expenses and increase deliverability by only sending to real recipients. Download your email validation results and add bad emails to your suppression lists so no future messages will be sent to them.


Increase inbox placement

Clean up your email list and improve deliverability to drive better inbox placement rates. Ensure your customers’ most important emails receive maximum visibility and increase open rates.


Verify emails in real-time

The email verification API endpoint enables you to verify email addresses on the fly, directly from your app. See and report invalid email addresses and easily add them to the rest of your stack.


Experts in email deliverability

Our team is backed by 10+ years of deliverability excellence as a marketing/transactional emailing and email verification service provider. You can rest assured your recipient list is in good hands.

Why email validation is important

Maintain a good sender reputation and increase deliverability by filtering invalid emails and potential spam traps.

Save money by only sending emails to real recipients—don’t waste your emails on invalid email addresses.

Preserve the accuracy of your sending data and analytics for a more realistic overview of your performance.

More features to explore

MailerSend is packed full of features that help you save time and grow your business.

Ready to send fully optimized transactional emails?

Keep your recipient list clean and optimize your transactional email performance with MailerSend. There are no long-term commitments—see the magic for yourself.

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