Dedicated IP for transactional email

A dedicated IP for email sending lets you take control of your sending reputation with your own and optimize for improved deliverability.


Manage your own sender reputation

Take full responsibility for your IP reputation with an email IP address that’s dedicated to you. Easily monitor the health of your account from the Reputation section of the dashboard.

Maintain a high level of deliverability

Take email deliverability into your own hands—since the IP address and sender reputation belongs to only you, no other sender’s activity will impact it.

Get help with dedicated IP warming

Our team will take care of warming up your IP address so you don't have to. We’ll prepare everything so your IP is raring to go when you’re ready to send.

Benefit from expert IP reputation monitoring

In addition to the dashboard reputation monitor, our expert deliverability team will keep track of your sender reputation, alerting you to any potential issues.

Who’s eligible for a dedicated IP

If your account has at least 1 verified domain and you send a minimum of 50,000 emails/day or 1,000,000 emails/month, you’re eligible to request a dedicated IP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a dedicated IP worth it?

How beneficial a dedicated IP is depends on the needs and activity of each business. It can be extremely helpful for those that send a high volume of emails and businesses in industries that require compliance to certain regulations. We encourage any business that fits the eligibility criteria and is interested in a dedicated IP to contact us for a fair assessment of your account to see whether a dedicated IP address is right for you.

What are the benefits of a dedicated IP?

As dedicated IP addresses are not shared, they allow businesses to take control of their own sender reputation and deliverability. This means that the email activity of other accounts will play no part in the reputation and deliverability of the dedicated IP owner.

Do you help me set up and warm up the dedicated IP?

MailerSend will take care of setting up a new, clean dedicated IP for you. We'll also take care of IP warming for you, which will take approximately 4-8 weeks.

What is dedicated IP for email sending?

In email sending, a dedicated IP is a private IP address allocated to a single account instead of being shared among multiple accounts like a shared IP address.

How can I get a dedicated IP?

All Premium and Enterprise accounts that meet our eligibility criteria can request a dedicated IP by getting in touch with our customer support team.


Transactional email dedicated IPs are available for Premium and Enterprise accounts for $50 per IP per month, including expert monitoring. We recommend 1 IP address for every 10,000,000 emails per month. Get in touch with our customer support team.

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Interested in dedicated IP for your account?

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