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We’re a remote company that puts people first. You’ll work where you want and have the work-life balance of your dreams. All with the support of a passionate team who wants to see you thrive.

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We’re a people-first company, and we really mean that! It’s one of our values. Our decisions start with our customer needs and understanding how we can help, and our support team leads the way with empathy.

We’re a multicultural team with employees across the globe, which puts us at a great advantage when it comes to understanding different points of view and approaches.

We don’t hide behind stock imagery—our team is our greatest asset and we proudly display it throughout our website. We love our job and the images you see are of real team members.

Most importantly, we understand the value each team member brings to the company. We’re not here to micro-manage or put the brakes on your ideas, but to listen, support and celebrate your accomplishments. Everyone has the freedom, trust and responsibility to succeed.

Culture & values

We're big believers in the power of keeping it simple. No unnecessary features or complicated processes. We are 100% focused on building something our customers need and love to use.
We focus on people

We find that self-aware, conscious people make better colleagues. We even use photos of real team members on our websites and social media.

We learn and transform

Any idea we believe in is worth a try. We use the learning wheel to experiment, learn, and transform. Team leads make sure the wheels are always turning!

We simplify

We are big believers in the power of keeping it simple. We take difficult problems and make them simple.

We take responsibility

We know that it matters when we mess up. We own and fix mistakes as fast as possible because thousands of people trust us with their business.

We’re positive

We’re inspired by other people’s successes. We notice small and big wins, write public compliments and spread joy.

How we work

We’re a remote-first company that relies on asynchronous communication. We communicate primarily through Slack and get together every now and then for Zoom meetings for more in-depth discussions, company updates, or just for a friendly catch-up over coffee. Each employee is given the flexibility to work as it suits them and the responsibility to manage their own tasks and projects.

Meet the team

We're a multi-cultural team from around the world! We come from diverse backgrounds, bringing different personalities, experiences and skills to the job. This is what makes our team so special.



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Why work remotely?

We started hiring remotely as a way to provide 24/7 customer support. Then we realized that working remotely became our competitive advantage.

You see, there’s no one place where all the best talent lives. So, we made our office location wherever people feel the most productive! But it’s not just the company that benefits from a remote-first culture, our team members love:

• The ability to work a flexible full-time position that is more convenient for their lifestyle

• The work/life balance they experience

• The opportunity to travel while working—we actually encourage it!

• The friends and colleagues they meet all over the world, and the chance to learn about different countries and cultures

• The increased productivity thanks to working in whichever environment they choose

• The time saved on commuting that can be applied elsewhere

• The overall impact remote work has had on their physical and mental wellbeing

Benefits and perks

Our team member benefits are designed to encourage the ideal work/life experience that helps each individual to succeed both personally and professionally. We want people at our company to be happy, motivated and fulfilled.

Flexible, remote-first culture—work from wherever you want in the world

31 days paid time off with encouragement to take at least 2 weeks of uninterrupted leave each year

1 “Creative day” per quarter where you can take a day off to pursue a hobby, try something new and get creative

1 “Parental day” per month that parents of children under 12 can take off to spend time with their family

3 months of paid parental leave for parents giving birth and 1 month of paid parental leave for partners

A new parent bonus of $1,000USD after childbirth or adoption

You get 12 paid sick days for when you’re not feeling well (physically or mentally) without a doctors note. Parents can use these days to take care of their unwell kids (under 12 years)

International health insurance with comprehensive coverage in most countries. In select countries where coverage is limited, we provide a monthly healthcare payout

Annual team meetings to help cultivate team spirit and create a strong bond. This can be a work-together or workation

Macbook and company swag to welcome you when you join

Annual budget to spend on anything that brings you joy

A $5,000USD paid trip and a $10,000USD paid trip on your 5th and 10th work anniversaries

Words from our team

Working for MailerSend has been a great professional journey so far.

"Providing users the best development experience is my daily motivation and doing it with the rest of the team is what makes it exciting! We’ve tackled so many challenges, and there are so many ahead of us, it can be dizzying, but we’re a tight-knit team, ready to help each other. Working remotely has been made easy for employees, thanks to the People & Culture team, we’re very much connected to each other and have weekly calls. I personally like to work for MailerSend as I have great autonomy to lead the product. as well as organize my time as I want. "

- Agathe, Product Manager

MailerSend stands out as an exceptional company to work for

"With its emphasis on work-life balance and a culture that encourages both personal and professional development, I'm proud to be a part of a team that consistently pushes the envelope in the email marketing industry. "

- Tautvydas, Team Lead

I couldn't be happier with my job and the company culture here.

"As a software developer at MailerSend, I've experienced firsthand the welcoming and supportive atmosphere among my colleagues. I appreciate the company's commitment to work-life balance, such as parental days that allow me to spend time with my kids on important days. And of course, being 100% remote means I can work from anywhere, on my own schedule, without the stress of commuting. "

- Peter, Developer

Frequently asked questions

Do you hire worldwide?

Yes we do. One of the advantages of being a remote company is that our talent pool spans the globe. We are not restricted by geographic location, and this lets us build a talented and diverse team.

Do you offer employment or a contractor positions?

As a remote-first company, we offer contractor positions, with the exception of those based in Lithuania.

How do you communicate with everyone working remotely?

We use Slack and video call meetings for communication.

Team members have the freedom to plan their workday according to their needs and we encourage everyone to block out “do not disturb” time whenever they need it. We only ask that messages are checked and replied to within 24 hours, so immediate answers are not expected all the time.

We also use online manuals, documentation, and work status updates on Slack.

How do you handle the time zone differences?

Thanks to our asynchronous approach, and the tools we employ, we are able to work together efficiently despite significant time zone differences. We usually try to have at least a 1-2 hour overlap between team members.

How long does the hiring process take?

The hiring process takes approximately 1 month, but in some cases the process can take longer. We’ll always keep you updated every step of the way.

How does MailerSend onboard and support its remote team members?

When you join the team, we won’t throw you straight in at the deep end! We’ll map out an onboarding period for you to familiarize yourself with the product, work processes and the team. We want everyone to feel comfortable and confident when it comes time to start working on their first project!

Do you track employee hours?

Absolutely not! Our company is built on trust and we give you the freedom to complete your tasks how and when you like.

In which currency will I get paid?

Most service agreements and salary frameworks are set up in USD. There’s a possibility to set up EUR for your payment based on the USD-EUR currency exchange rate for the last day of the service month. Moreover, Lithuanian employees under the employment agreement are paid in EUR.