MailerSend is brought to you by the people behind MailerLite, the email marketing platform that sends over 1 billion emails per month.

Powerful sending infrastructure

Whether you need to send a few emails or scale quickly to a few million, MailerSend’s proven infrastructure can handle any load. We remove those logistical headaches by handling all interferences, bounces and other email hurdles. Put our expertise to work. Your emails will be delivered.

Email sending

Your messages must make it to the inbox or your business suffers. We understand these high stakes and designed MailerSend to automatically manage the delivery process giving your emails the best chance of landing in the inbox.


MailerSend API makes it very easy to include attachments. Whether you’re sending invoices or larger files (pdfs/books/etc), attachments are an essential part of transactional emails. Your team should be able to attach files on their own.

Activity feed

View your email activity in real-time to gain insights and make adjustments when needed. The activity feed includes advanced search and multiple filter capabilities so you can find emails or recipients quickly.

Multiple domains

You can use multiple domains with one MailerSend account. Each domain will have its own statistics and recipients. Your recipient's data stays separate when you use more than one sending domain. Take control of each domain while sending to many.

Batch sending

You have the flexibility to send one email to a large email list, or a unique email to each person on your list using our bulk email service.

Advanced analytics

Email interactions can always improve. MailerSend offers a wide range of analytics to learn what works and what needs optimization. Track your email performance and recipient engagement metrics.

Designed for everyone

MailerSend empowers developers to create solid integrations, but with a light user interface that lets anyone set up an account. Developers can focus on the backend APIs, while other team members can track and manage the emails.


Transactional emails work better when they’re personal. Use custom variables to add personal touches within your email text or attachments. Specific details like a recipient's name or their hometown make people feel like the email was meant just for them.

Email templates

Access a library of professionally-designed email templates hosted in MailerLite. Forget about hiring a designer or spending hours creating an email from scratch. MailerLite’s drag & drop editor empowers you to build well-designed transactional emails.

Team management

MailerSend is a team-friendly application. Using our advanced yet intuitive user management system, you can invite your team members and give them access to contribute. You can grant different roles to give limited access to certain areas of the app.

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