MailerSend is part of The Remote Company, creators of online products and email marketing software that sends over 1 billion emails per month.

Emails that get delivered

Your messages must make it to the inbox or your business suffers. We get it—the stakes are high. MailerSend automatically manages the entire delivery process to give your emails the best chance of landing in that inbox.

Powerful infrastructure

Enjoy the flexibility of sending a few emails or scaling quickly to send a few million.

Easier Email API

Start sending and tracking your emails with our easy API integration process.

Multiple domains

You can use multiple domains with one MailerSend account.


Transactional emails work better when they’re personalized.

Control your sendings

MailerSend provides a wide range of real-time email analytics to help you learn what works and what needs optimizing.

API token management

API tokens are for authentication when sending emails or accessing server-specific endpoints.

Track emails

Every email is a learning experience. Monitor your email performance to find what works best.

Manage unsubscribe page

You can manage unsubscribes using our powerful unsubscribe page builder.

Suppression list management

Suppressions is the list of email addresses that will be rejected during the sending process.

Create emails

Intuitive email builders and editors simplify the process of creating and sending transactional emails. Your entire team can contribute.

Drag & drop template builder

Our drag & drop email editor empowers you to create professionally-designed transactional emails.

Custom HTML template editor

Interested in writing your own HTML code? Our HTML email template editor gives you the flexibility to build exactly what you want.

Track the results

View your email activity in real-time to gain insights and make adjustments when needed. The activity feed includes advanced search and multiple filter capabilities so you can find emails or recipients quickly.


Check which emails have been accepted and which emails were successfully delivered or opened.

Advanced analytics

You can access a wide range of analytics to learn what works.

Control your account

MailerSend is a team-friendly application. Using our advanced yet intuitive user management system, you can invite your team members and give them access to contribute.

User management

You can grant different roles to give limited access to certain areas of the app.

File manager

Our file manager keeps you sane by organizing all your files including both images or files (such as PDFs).