Advanced email tracking

Every email is a learning experience full of insights. Use email tracking in your workflow to remove the guesswork and improve your customer outreach.


Experience peace of mind with confirmed email delivery

Real-time delivery insights for tracked emails in each sending domain help quickly identify any issues. Track unlimited email interactions including processed, delivered or hard and soft bounces.


Track email opens

Learn which emails are being opened or ignored to understand where opportunities lie for increased engagement. Plus, gain insights about where recipients are opening emails to help overall marketing initiatives.


Measure results with email link tracking

Learn more about the success of your transactional emails by tracking clicks. Understand which types of content resonate most, and which types of CTAs encourage click throughs.


Monitor email unsubscribes

Automatically insert an unsubscribe link to allow recipients to easily opt out. Then monitor the number of unsubscribes to anticipate issues with your email content or targeting.


Check your email content

Enable content tracking to store sent emails in your email activity. Then follow up on sendings by checking the HTML previews, helping you to better understand how your emails look and how it impacts engagement.


Gain insights about email environments

Learn which browsers and devices recipients use most to read your messages and optimize your email templates for popular email clients like Gmail and Microsoft Outlook.


Retrieve tracking data via API

Use MailerSend’s Activity endpoint to get a list of activities including opens, clicks, bounces, spam complaints and more, to fully integrate your tracking data into your own apps.


Get instant notifications with webhooks

Receive important notifications triggered by events in real-time to create automated workflows. Be notified of any activity and take appropriate action to solve issues and optimize your sendings.


Brand your tracking domain

Choose a subdomain for your custom tracking link. Using your brand in the tracking domain builds trust with your customer, improves your sending reputation, and boosts your email deliverability.

What our users think

Works like a charm!

"We’re sending transactional emails to users and keeping track of what happens to be sure we don't lose emails."

Keith E.

Our emails look much better!

"We send customer notifications on a rental platform. The hassle of tracking, managing bounces, etc. is out of our hands."


A transactional email API for both dev and designer!

"Super easy to use API for devs, easy to use mail templating for designers. A very clear dashboard for tracking errors and email bounces."

Raphael A.

Frequently asked questions

How can I start tracking emails?

To start tracking your emails and gaining valuable insights, sign up to MailerSend, start sending, enable tracking, and we’ll take care of everything for you. You can start sending in minutes with our super simple API or SMTP. Learn more about our domain tracking options.

How much does MailerSend cost?

You can sign up and start sending emails for free with our free tier. Our simple subscription plans start at $30 per month. Learn more about our pricing.

How can I integrate email tracking with my other marketing and business tools?

You can use our Activity API endpoint to integrate email tracking data into your business apps and tools. Check out our API documentation.

What are the benefits of tracking emails?

By monitoring email performance, you can identify and resolve issues that may impact your sender reputation and deliverability. Email tracking can also help you to improve customer relationships by optimizing your emails, and provide enhanced insights about your customer base and audience.

Can I set up automatic notifications based on specific email tracking events?

Yes, with webhooks you can use email tracking events to trigger automations. Learn more about webhooks.

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