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Last updated 06 December 2021
2022 Q4
2022 Q3
2022 Q2
2022 Q1

Send SMS as well as emails to your customers with our new API!

2021 Q4

Improve your deliverability with a dedicated IP, only available on demand for large volume accounts. Reach out to our sales team to determine if a Dedicated IP is the right fit for your business!

You can now send your email to CC and BCC recipients, add advanced personalized values and act on a spam report trigger!

Manage your inbound routes with this new endpoint: get a list of existing inbound routes, create a new one, update it or delete it.

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WordPress hosting companies are not optimized for high-volume email sending, which may result in some of your emails not getting delivered.

MailerSend’s dedicated SMTP server will ensure that your forms, account notifications, e-commerce orders, and other transactional emails get delivered.

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The send bulk emails endpoint enables you to send multiple asynchronous emails. It returns the status of the request sent with a bulk_email_id that can be used to continuously query for the status using the email API.

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2021 Q3

Send custom invoices, password reset links, order status updates, and much more, with MailerSend. By integrating MailerSend with your WooCommerce store, you will:
– Improve email deliverability
– Maintain domain reputation
– Grow your brand’s identity
– Learn more about your recipients

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We've added 2 new SDKs to our libraries, check it out!

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You can now integrate MailerSend with 530+ apps in 1 click using Integrately!

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Add MailerSend to your NocoDB app.

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Courier is the smartest way to design & deliver notifications. Design once, deliver to any channel with one API. Now, send emails via MailerSend along with all other notifications you send with Courier.

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2021 Q2

Inbound email routing enables you to send and receive emails directly in your application. Learn how MailerSend helps you manage two-way conversations with customers by receiving incoming emails, parsing their contents, and then routing them to your app or another email.

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Use MailerSend with your Mailster newsletter plugin for an increase in deliverability!

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The new rich-text editor is for you if you want to jump straight into designing an email template using the most essential styling features and content blocks. Learn how an inline editor helps you focus on the design while giving you a preview of what recipients will see!

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Connect MailerSend with any app on Pabbly!

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2021 Q1

Add other recipients to email conversations while protecting the privacy of others.

Give it a go! You can find all the details in our API reference.

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Light, dark and automatic modes will be added for a better user experience.

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Connect MailerSend with any app on Integromat!

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Send an email using the quick and easy transfer protocol: integrate this feature into your CMS or mailing app so your emails get sent without even you noticing!

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Connect your favorite apps and integrate MailerSend into your whole stack. Set up zaps to send an email based on any trigger from a third-party app.

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2020 Q4

Our first ever integration, created by WHMCS services.

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Get real-time notifications about events so your integration can automatically trigger reactions. Simply set up endpoint URLs and select the events to track!

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Hi. Ignas here, Founder of The Remote Company, a team of creators from around the world working remotely to build outstanding online products including MailerLite, MailerCheck and YCode.

After years of sending huge volumes of emails, we realized that the process of creating and sending transactional emails was inefficient. Too often design changes required coding and maintenance from devs.

So we built something new that suited our needs—a team-friendly transactional email system that allowed non-tech teams to contribute without the need for code.

The result: MailerSend! A completely new kind of transactional email tool. We focus on:

  1. Scalability
    Flexible infrastructure so you can send a few emails or scale quickly to a few million.

  2. Smarter workflows
    Devs set it up and marketing/design teams create emails independently without code.

  3. Deliverability
    A dedicated team continuously removes hurdles to ensure emails reach the inbox.

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