Pabbly Connect Transactional Email Integration - MailerSend

Pabbly Connect integration with MailerSend

Automate manual business tasks by listening for email events and sending triggered responses


Pabbly Connect


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Integration Support

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Pabbly Connect is an automation tool that automates business tasks that were previously done manually.

The Pabbly MailerSend integration triggers a workflow when an email event like an unsubscribe happens. Or it can instruct MailerSend to perform an action by sending an email.

Pabbly integration screenshot

How to use it

  • Access the Pabbly Connect app.

  • Create a workflow and give it a name.

  • Choose a trigger from any of the existing integrations.

  • Select MailerSend as your action integration and fill out the action details.

  • Save and test!