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How to add a domain space to your account

In this article, you will see steps for adding additional domain spaces to your MailerSend plan allowance.

If you have a Premium plan account, you can purchase up to 50 domain spaces, additional to your plan’s allowance. To purchase additional domain spaces:

  1. Navigate to Plan and Billing

  2. Go to the Add-ons tab.

Plan and Billing, Add-ons tab
  1. Scroll down to Domain space.

  2. Select the amount of additional domain spaces you wish to purchase. Domain slots can be purchased for $4/month each, and each domain space will create a new monthly subscription.

Purchase a domain space slot
  1. Click Add to cart.

  2. In the  purchase summary on the right, click Buy to complete the purchase.

Purchase summary

Purchased domain spaces will be shown at the bottom of the page, and can be removed by clicking Remove domain space. If you need to cancel your subscription, be sure to delete the domain and remove the domain space.

Remove domain space