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SMS: How to handle opt-in and opt-out

Understand the critical importance of complying with relevant laws when sending messages to recipients' phone numbers.

We require that all messaging traffic complies with relevant laws and regulations, including the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) for the US, among others. This means there are a number of practices you must follow to comply with these regulations, respect the rights of recipients and protect your brand and reputation.

These include:

Make sure recipients explicitly opt-in

Although opt-in consent isn’t needed for transactional email, to send messages to a recipient’s phone number, you must have received consent to deliver messages via this method. 

As well as complying with the TCPA, receiving clear, informed opt-in consent from recipients will also ensure higher levels of engagement and lower opt-out rates. 

To enforce opt-in for marketing and transactional SMS, we recommend the following solutions:

  • Start all of your conversations with an opt-in confirmation message, verifying your recipient’s enrollment in the identified program and describing how to opt-out

  • Add "Reply STOP to unsubscribe" to all messages so customers know how to opt-out.

Example: Awesome Product Welcome Message: Welcome to Awesome Product! Msg&data rates may apply. Recurring Messages. Reply HELP for help, STOP to cancel.

Note: At our discretion, we may request that you provide evidence of documented opt-in consent for a particular message.