Knowledge base

About MailerSend's refund and account policies

Details regarding the use of our API, account conduct, and our refund policy.

Refund Policy

MailerSend operates with a specific refund policy under the following conditions:

  • Refunds are generally not issued except in instances where MailerSend terminates the service to you without cause before the service period for which payment was received has ended.

  • Violations of our Anti-Spam Policy, API Use Policy, or any Terms of Use do not entitle a user to a refund.

  • Should an account be suspended due to policy violations, including but not limited to spamming activities or misuse of the API as outlined in the API Use Policy, no refund will be issued for any unused portion of the service.

  • MailerSend does not refund payments for any unused services or for accounts that were not canceled in time before the start of a new billing cycle.

Account termination

MailerSend retains the right to suspend or terminate accounts in the following circumstances:

  • Accounts found to be spamming or violating MailerSend policies.

  • High bounce rates, significant spam complaints, or excessive unsubscribe rates.

Users are required to provide legal grounds for their email-sending activity if requested by MailerSend, failing which may result in account termination.

API Use Policy

The MailerSend API must be used in accordance with our API Use Policy. This means:

  • You agree to comply with all applicable privacy laws and to maintain adequate security measures to protect data accessed or transmitted using the API.

  • You understand that MailerSend reserves the right to suspend or terminate access to our API for any abuse or misuse, as outlined in our policy, without the obligation to refund.

  • A license is granted for the API's use under specific conditions, emphasizing the importance of using the API responsibly and within the scope of permitted use.

For a comprehensive understanding of your rights and obligations as a client of MailerSend, including detailed provisions regarding the use of our API, account conduct, and our refund policy, please refer to our full Terms of Use, Anti-Spam Policy, and API Use Policy.