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On Hold blocklist

Learn how to manage On Hold recipients in MailerSend, including how to view and edit the list, as well as how to retrieve a list of recipients on a suppressions list.

Emails that soft bounce 5 times within 30 days will be placed on the On Hold list. These emails will be blocked for 72 hours, after which they will be automatically removed from the list. 

If an email address receives 5 soft bounces in 30 days again, it will be placed back on the On Hold list for another 72 hours.

Please note that emails cannot be sent to addresses on the blocklist.

Managing On Hold recipients in MailerSend

To view and edit the On Hold email recipients list:

  1. Go to the Suppressions page.

  2. Click the On Hold tab.

On this page, you can:

  • View all of the current recipients on the list

  • Search for recipients 

  • Select emails to Export CSV, Export CSV for Excel, or Delete

Managing On Hold recipients via API

To retrieve a list of recipients on a suppressions list, use this GET request:


To delete one or more blocklist entries, use this DELETE request: