Anti-Spam Policy

We have a zero-tolerance policy for spam. Learn more about our strict anti-spam rules.

Last updated on September 18, 2023

By creating an account and agreeing to our Terms of Use, you are also agreeing to this Anti-Spam Policy.

Using MailerSend you can send two types of emails—transactional emails and marketing emails. Transactional emails are automated emails that you send to facilitate transactions or provide a product or a service. Marketing emails are newsletters you send with the sole purpose of marketing your product or service.

What is spam?

Spam is any email you send to someone who has not given you their direct permission or when you do not have other legal grounds to contact them on the topic of the email.

You need to have a valid lawful basis to send transactional emails that are necessary for using your application or service (like password reminders, invoices, receipts, etc.). And if you send a newsletter, you must have valid consent from the person receiving your email.

When you send an email to someone you do not know, that is an "unsolicited" email. Sending one unsolicited message to someone is obviously not spam. But when you send an unsolicited email to an entire list of people you do not know, that is spam.

What kind of email addresses are NOT OK to send to with MailerSend?

You cannot send to any email address which:

  • You do not have a valid lawful basis to contact in relation to the topic of the email you are sending or, in the case of marketing emails, you do not have a valid consent to send newsletters;

  • You bought, loaned, rented or in any way acquired from a third party, no matter what they claim about the quality or permission;

  • You have not contacted them via email in the last 2 years. Permission does not age well and these people have either changed their email address or will not remember giving their permission in the first place; or

  • You scraped or copy and pasted from the web. Just because people publish their email address does not mean they want to hear from you.

What content MUST I include in my marketing email?

Every marketing email you send using MailerSend must include a single-click, clear and visible unsubscribe link added using MailerSend's "track unsubscribes" feature that instantly adds the recipient to your MailerSend suppression list. Once they unsubscribe, you must stop sending them marketing emails.

Account suspension

We reserve the right to suspend your account immediately and start investigating your activity if: 

  • You have a high bounce rate;

  • Your emails have a high percentage of spam complaints;

  • Your marketing emails have a high percentage of unsubscribes.

MailerSend reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to decide whether the above mentioned bounce rate, spam complaints or unsubscribes are considered high or not.

If it turns out that you were sending emails without having a valid legal ground, we will terminate your account. We can ask you to prove that you have a legal ground and we can close your account if you do not have such proof. Otherwise, we will re-activate your account and you will be able to use the service again.

Account termination

If you spam using your MailerSend account, you can be sure to expect the following:

  • Your account will be terminated immediately;

  • No refund will be made.