Advanced transactional email for WooCommerce

Improve the customer experience with a solution built for maximum deliverability. Plus, enjoy advanced analytics, custom on-brand templates, and award-winning customer support.

The best WooCommerce email tool around! Great ease of use and fresh template designs.
Excellent deliverability, instant sending, powerful API, complete email analytics (opens, clicks, bounces), fast support. They have a great dashboard with a vast amount of valuable data.
Steffen S. Small-Business Owner, Works flawlessly
What's really worth mentioning is the outstanding customer support. Replies within minutes with an extensive answer and implementation examples.
Tobias R. Business Owner, Information & Technology Services

Effortlessly integrate with the robust WordPress plugin

Quickly and easily connect WooCommerce with MailerSend’s email delivery platform using the official integration which works alongside other SMTP plugins. Start sending professional emails that get delivered in minutes.


Enjoy the functionality of an advanced email API

Simply add your API token to the WooCommerce plugin and you're good to go! Benefit from email tracking and analytics, responsive HTML email templates, and faster delivery.


Choose from 3 email builders

Create and edit WooCommerce templates to fit your brand with the rich-text and drag & drop email editors—no coding needed. Feel like building from scratch? Code your own templates with the HTML editor.


Personalize emails with customer details

Add customers’ names, information and order details by using personalization variables in your templates. When an email is sent, it will be automatically populated with customers’ individual details.


Track email activity in real time

View delivery, opens, clicks and more as they happen to follow an email’s journey and identify potential sending issues. Plus, use webhooks to trigger workflows based on specific events.


Gain performance insights with analytics

Monitor key performance metrics and create custom analytics reports to easily identify areas for improvement. Access metrics such as hard bounces and spam complaints so you can take steps to maintain deliverability.


Easily connect other web apps with MailerSend so they seamlessly work together to share information, automate workflows and enhance your customer experience.

Learn from your emails with split testing

Use the email split testing feature to test up to 5 variations of a template. Try out different email content, subject lines, CTAs and design to see what resonates most with your customers and continuously improve your emails.


Have confidence that emails will be delivered

MailerSend’s secure sending infrastructure is built for maximum deliverability and fast delivery. With 13+ years of experience in email deliverability, rest assured your emails will reach customers’ inboxes quickly and reliably.

Scale your email as business grows

Set your WooCommerce transactional email up for the long haul with a solution that grows alongside your business. Simple plans and pricing make it easy to send more when the time comes.


Maintain deliverability with in-built email verification

Easily identify and remove invalid email addresses to keep your recipient list healthy. Protect your sender reputation and only send to real people.

Award-winning customer support

Comprehensive documentation and customer support are always available to guide you in your integration. Whether you need help with onboarding, technical help, troubleshooting or anything else, the team is just a click away via email/live chat.

93% satisfaction rate
100% response rate
24/7 support hours

A cost-effective solution with advanced tools for your WooCommerce business

Get started with 3,000 emails per month for free and pay as you go for extra emails. Or, upgrade for better pricing and more features.
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Does WooCommerce send transactional emails?

Yes, WooCommerce has a number of standard transactional emails that businesses can use to send to customers, such as order confirmation emails, customer invoices, canceled order emails, order on-hold, customer notes, password resets, order notifications and processing order emails.

How do I send email notifications from WooCommerce orders?

You can use WooCommerce’s built-in transactional emails or,  you can integrate an email delivery platform like MailerSend for more customization, better deliverability, and advanced functionality such as analytics.

Why use transactional emails?

Transactional emails are a critical component of online communication between businesses and their customers. They help to ensure a great customer experience, build brand loyalty and trust, reduce support queries, increase conversions, foster customer relationships and more.

How do I customize the WooCommerce transactional email for my online store?

WooCommerce has an option to customize their e-commerceemail templates, however, the default customization options are limited, meaning that many businesses are not able to create emails that sufficiently match their brand or design requirements. For more customization options and custom email templates you can use an Email Service Provider (ESP) like MailerSend.

Why is my WooCommerce transactional email not working?

There are a number of reasons your WooCommerce automated emails might not be sending, including order status, incorrect email settings, emails blocked by spam filters, and plugin conflicts. Check out this article on why WooCommerce isn’t sending emails and how to fix it.