A feature-rich alternative

Meet MailerSend, the flexible and advanced alternative that offers great deliverability without add-ons. Built for developers, designed for everyone with award-winning support, responsive templates and advanced analytics.


Top-class deliverability for everyone

Our team is dedicated to improving email delivery rates while reducing bounce rates and spam complaints. You don’t need any add-ons, no matter which plan you’re on. We’ll also monitor blocklists as well as your email sending reputation.

Award-winning customer support

Whether you need help getting started, troubleshooting or using advanced features, our friendly 24/7 support team is just a click away! Try us out for free and if you decide MailerSend isn’t for you, you can easily cancel at any time, no questions asked.

93% satisfaction rate
100% response rate
24/7 support hours

Create conversations

Make communication a 2-way street! Elevate the customer experience by allowing people to reply to events directly from your app. Inbound routing enables MailerSend to receive incoming emails on your behalf and then parses them to your app for further action.


Track results with advanced reporting

View real-time analytics to monitor how emails are performing and adjust sendings, plus access metrics such as hard and soft bounces, opens, clicks and more. Create your own custom reports and export them at the click of a button.


Rich library of responsive templates

No need to purchase additional services to access professionally designed templates. Choose from our library of responsive templates for all transactional needs, and customize them to fit your brand design with the user-friendly drag & drop editor.

More options for developers

Set up transactional email in minutes with your preferred language using 7 regularly updated SDK libraries. Browse the comprehensive documentation, plug in our API or SMTP relay to your app and you’re good to go!

Read our API docs
curl -X POST \ \ -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \ -H 'X-Requested-With: XMLHttpRequest' \ -H 'Authorization: Bearer {place your token here without brackets}' \ -d '{ "from": { "email": "" }, "to": [ { "email": "" } ], "subject": "Hello from MailerSend!", "text": "Greetings from the team, you got this message through MailerSend.", "html": "

Greetings from the team, you got this message through MailerSend.

" }'
use MailerSend\MailerSend; use MailerSend\Helpers\Builder\Recipient; use MailerSend\Helpers\Builder\EmailParams; $mailersend = new MailerSend(['api_key' => 'key']); $recipients = [ new Recipient('', 'Your Client'), ]; $emailParams = (new EmailParams()) ->setFrom('') ->setFromName('Your Name') ->setRecipients($recipients) ->setSubject('Subject') ->setHtml('

Greetings from the team, you got this message through MailerSend.

') ->setText('Greetings from the team, you got this message through MailerSend.'); $mailersend->email->send($emailParams);
php artisan make:mail ExampleEmail Mail::to('')->send(new ExampleEmail());
const Recipient = require("mailersend").Recipient; const EmailParams = require("mailersend").EmailParams; const MailerSend = require("mailersend"); const mailersend = new MailerSend({ api_key: "key", }); const recipients = [new Recipient("", "Your Client")]; const emailParams = new EmailParams() .setFrom("") .setFromName("Your Name") .setRecipients(recipients) .setSubject("Subject") .setHtml("

Greetings from the team, you got this message through MailerSend.

") .setText("Greetings from the team, you got this message through MailerSend."); mailersend.send(emailParams);
package main import ( "context" "fmt" "time" "" ) var APIKey string = "Api Key Here" func main() { ms := mailersend.NewMailersend(APIKey) ctx := context.Background() ctx, cancel := context.WithTimeout(ctx, 5*time.Second) defer cancel() subject := "Subject" text := "Greetings from the team, you got this message through MailerSend." html := "

Greetings from the team, you got this message through MailerSend.

" from := mailersend.From{ Name: "Your Name", Email: "", } recipients := []mailersend.Recipient{ { Name: "Your Client", Email: "", }, } variables := []mailersend.Variables{ { Email: "", Substitutions: []mailersend.Substitution{ { Var: "foo", Value: "bar", }, }, }, } tags := []string{"foo", "bar"} message := ms.NewMessage() message.SetFrom(from) message.SetRecipients(recipients) message.SetSubject(subject) message.SetHTML(html) message.SetText(text) message.SetSubstitutions(variables) message.SetTags(tags) res, _ := ms.Send(ctx, message) fmt.Printf(res.Header.Get("X-Message-Id")) }
from mailersend import emails mailer = emails.NewEmail() mail_body = {} mail_from = { "name": "Your Name", "email": "", } recipients = [ { "name": "Your Client", "email": "", } ] mailer.set_mail_from(mail_from, mail_body) mailer.set_mail_to(recipients, mail_body) mailer.set_subject("Hello!", mail_body) mailer.set_html_content("

Greetings from the team, you got this message through MailerSend.

", mail_body) mailer.set_plaintext_content("Greetings from the team, you got this message through MailerSend.", mail_body) mailer.send(mail_body)
require "mailersend-ruby" # Intialize the email class ms_email = # Add parameters ms_email.add_recipients("email" => "", "name" => "Your Client") ms_email.add_recipients("email" => "", "name" => "Your Client") ms_email.add_from("email" => "", "name" => "Your Name") ms_email.add_subject("Hello!") ms_email.add_text("Greetings from the team, you got this message through MailerSend.") ms_email.add_html("Greetings from the team, you got this message through MailerSend.") # Send the email ms_email.send

Simple multi-domain management

Easily manage transactional emails for multiple services or clients thanks to separate dashboards. View and manage configuration, suppressions, analytics and more. Customize individual user rights so everyone gets the correct level of access.

Here’s what our customers think

Incredible support, easy to use

"After messing around with Mailchimp and walking away unhappy, it's been a godsend to come across Mailersend. The layout is extremely clear, it hooks up to Zapier, and the one issue I had was cleared up by support in minutes. Most importantly, everything's landing in inboxes."

Ricky B.

Instant sending and great deliverability

"It's straightforward to set up and their KYC process is quick. They have a great dashboard with a vast amount of valuable data about the emails sent, very well organized, and with powerful filter functions. MailerSend's free tier is beyond generous, their regular pricing is very affordable."

Steffen S.

Amazing product and support!

"What's really worth mentioning is the outstanding customer support. Replies are within minutes with extensive answers and implementation examples. MailerSend is extremely easy to use and super fast to set up. With the predefined templates and drag & drop editor, you're able to get started quickly."

Tobias R.

How MailerSend features compare with

MailerSend has everything for developers and non-technical teams to contribute to transactional email, including flexible setup and advanced analytics. Your marketing team will love the no-code options for designing beautiful, responsive emails.

50,000 emails/month $25/month $25/month
Email API, SMTP relay, webhooks
Inbound routing
Bulk emailing
Suppression management
Email tracking & analytics
Drag & drop template builder
Rich text template editor
HTML template editor
IP pool management
Dedicated IP Add-on available for high-volume senders From $80 plan
Deliverability consultation
24/7 email support
Live chat support From $25 plan
Onboarding assistance
Multiple users
Premium IP pool management
∞ templates
30-day data retention 14 days on Premium and 30 days on Enterprise plan 90 days

How MailerSend prices compare with SMTP

We like to keep things simple, and that includes our fair and transparent pricing. Get great deliverability and advanced features without hidden costs or add-ons. Start with 12,000 emails/month for free and upgrade at any time to get premium features.

12,000 emails/month Free
50,000 $25 $25
100,000 $55 $80
250,000 $85
500,000 $225 $300
750,000 $475
1,000,000 $550 $500
1,500,000 $725 Custom
2,000,000 $975 Custom
2,500,000 $1,250 Custom

Frequently Asked Questions

What support is available?

The Free plan offers 24/7 email support while our Premium plan offers 24/7 email and live chat support. 

Our award-winning customer service team is dedicated to assisting customers from all plans so you can rest assured that your requests will be handled in record time.

Can I get a dedicated IP address?

Dedicated IPs are available to high-volume senders. We’re happy to provide this option if it’s the best fit for your business. Contact us to discuss options.

How will you secure my transactional email campaigns?

Our advanced email servers scale quickly and protect your domain name with robust SPF and DKIM security protocols for your email authentication. Send emails with SSL/TLS encryption using our secure SMTP server. Or call our REST API with your favorite client library, PHP or Laravel. You can be confident that MailerSend is a secure transactional email service.

Is the setup process complicated?

At MailerSend we strive to make our email delivery service simple. We provide ample
documentation for setting up and configuring your account, along with 7 regularly updated SDK libraries so developers can work with their language of preference.

What options are available for creating emails?

Our template library contains professionally designed, responsive templates for all use cases. Customize the pre-made templates or build your own from scratch with the rich-text and drag & drop editors—no need for coding. The HTML editor is available for users who prefer to use their own code.

Do I need to pay more to get a better deliverability rate?

With MailerSend, never! Great deliverability is a standard feature for all users. Our expert deliverability team works hard to optimize email deliverability, whether on a free or paid plan—no add-ons are needed. 

Try MailerSend now with a free account

Whether you’re a small business, enterprise or startup, your whole team can quickly start working on transactional emails. Start with 12,000 free emails per month, then pay as you go!

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