New MailerSend pricing: All you need to know

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· 6 min read · New features and updates · May 22nd, 2023
Today we’re announcing changes to MailerSend’s pricing and free plan. Before we get into the details, note that current MailerSend customers are not affected by these changes. We value all of our users that have helped us grow. 🙏

Here are the 3 main points:

  1. We’re changing premium plan pricing, introducing an annual plan, and changing how the free plan works

  2. The changes will come into effect for all new signups on May 22

  3. The changes will not affect existing customers or free plan users, although you might be able to save by switching to an annual plan

Read on to find out more about the changes, why we’re making them, and what our new pricing means for you.

Why we’re changing our prices

MailerSend has come a long way since its launch. Over the past year, we’ve introduced a ton of new features that have seriously improved functionality. MailerSend is now a much more advanced transactional messaging solution than when we first set our prices.  

Some of the new features include:

The price changes reflect these updates and will help us continue to improve MailerSend over the coming months and years. 

Speaking of which, we have plenty of exciting new features in the pipeline! Check out our product roadmap to see all our plans, and keep an eye on our product blog and email newsletter to find out as soon as features are released.  

Here it is: New pricing structure

We’ve made 3 main changes to our plans, we’ve updated the prices of monthly plans, added a new annual plan with a 20% discount, and changed what you get in our free plan. Here is a look at each change in more detail.

1. Monthly price for new customers

The price of all premium plans has changed slightly—the exact amount depends on the number of emails you send. The below table shows how pricing will increase at different plan levels. Remember, the changes don’t apply to existing customers.

Mailersend new vs. old pricing comparison

Only the price of the base plans has changed. The price for overusage, email verification and sending SMS messages has stayed the same.

2. Yearly subscription option for new and existing customers

We have also introduced a new annual plan that offers a 20% discount on the new monthly pricing. 

In many cases, this will also be cheaper than the monthly prices of the existing plans—that’s right, you may be able to save by switching to a new annual plan.  

See the table below for details about how your pricing will change if you switch from an existing monthly plan to a new annual plan. 

Mailersend new pricing annual plan

New users can purchase an annual plan via the application after signing up. Existing customers should contact customer support via the dashboard widget to make the switch and get help transferring your account. Please note that switching from the existing pricing to the new pricing cannot be reversed.

All paid plans can still access our growing suite of transactional email tools and support services, including: 

  • 99.5% guaranteed uptime SLA

  • Premium IP pool management

  • Priority email support

  • Live chat support

  • Onboarding assistance

  • Dedicated IP

  • Email API, SMTP relay, webhooks

  • Email split testing

  • Suppression management

  • Tracking and analytics

  • Drag & drop builder

  • HTML & rich text editor

  • Bulk emailing

  • Inbound routing

  • Multiple seats, domains, and templates

Head to our pricing page to discover all the features you can access. 

3. Free plan for new customers

Starting May 22, free plan users will be able to send 3,000 emails per month, down from 12,000 emails on the old free plan.

Like with the paid plan changes, current free plan users won’t be affected: You’ll still be able to send 12,000 emails every month for free if your current plan allows it. 

If you decide to upgrade to paid, you can choose one of our new monthly or annual subscriptions. Once you upgrade, you’ll be migrated to the new pricing model and won’t be able to go back to your old free plan.

All free plan users will continue to receive all the extras they need to support their transactional campaigns. 

These features include:

  • Email support

  • Email API, SMTP relay, webhooks

  • Suppression management

  • Tracking and analytics

  • Drag & drop builder

  • HTML & rich text editor

  • Bulk emailing

Head to our signup page to register for a free MailerSend account and start sending 3,000 monthly transactional emails today. 

Sounds good, what’s next?

Existing free and paid customers won’t see any changes to their plan pricing or features. You can continue using our leading transactional email service without these updates impacting your business. 

If you’re a MailerSend customer and you’d like to switch to an annual plan to take advantage of the lower prices, contact support to move your account—we’ll be happy to help you make the switch. 

New users can head to our pricing page to find out more and register for a free or paid account. 

MailerSend new pricing FAQs

Are you still unsure about what the changes mean for you? Then check out these FAQs or contact support for clarification.  

Can I have a yearly subscription? 

Both new and existing customers can sign up for a yearly subscription.

In many cases, existing customers on our old pricing model will save when they switch to an annual plan. Contact customer support for more information and to get help making the switch. Remember that you can’t go back to the old plan once you make the change.

New users can head over to our pricing page and choose the annual plan from the options. 

Who will be affected by the new pricing?

All new signups will automatically get the new pricing plan. Existing customers on free or paid plans won’t be affected unless they choose to change their plan. 

What changes are being made to the overusage price?

The price for a 1,000 email block over your quota price won’t change. See your plan to discover how much it will cost when you go over your current plan limits. 

What are the benefits of subscribing to a yearly plan?

Yearly plans are 20% cheaper than our new monthly plans. In many cases, they are also cheaper than our old pricing plans. See the table in the article above for information about when you could save.

Does the new pricing affect SMS or email verification credit prices?

SMS and email verification credit pricing aren’t changing. New and existing customers will pay the same amount to verify their contacts and send SMS.

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