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Editorial Guidelines

MailerSend is dedicated to helping businesses build stronger relationships with their customers. Our content goal is to educate readers with the latest tips, case studies, trends and best practices in transactional emailing. Check out our MailerSend blog to get a sense of our style and voice.

Please carefully read the following guidelines before submitting your request. Submissions that do not adhere to these guidelines will result in an automatic rejection.


Our audience includes freelancers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, agencies, makers, enterprises and anyone who wants to build a strong relationship with their audience. The primary goal of our blog is to provide valuable and actionable advice. Your content should be tailored towards our audience. Submissions that are self-promotional will not be considered.

Author bio requirements

All guest posts should contain an Author bio of 60 words. Please include your name, job title and company name. Your profile picture (150x150px, jpg) should be included in the Google Doc you submit.

Citing sources

Please only cite reputable sources that are no more than 2 years old and have a domain authority (DA) higher than 60. Avoid citing our competition. No affiliate links are allowed.

Grammar and style

There are several grammar styles, so it is important that we’re using the same style for consistency. We use American spelling and grammar guidelines.

Article length

All guest posts should be a minimum of 1,400 words (not including the Author’s bio.)

Image requirements

Submit a minimum of 3 images within the article. These images should not be stock images and should be relevant to the article. MailerSend always designs the featured images so you don’t need to provide one. We reserve the right to edit or remove images. Please observe copyright or usage restrictions, obtain permission for use and cite the source of your image where appropriate.

Editorial ownership

We reserve the right to edit, partially or completely, every submission, including headlines, images, links and subheadings. We also reserve the right to update, partially or completely, every article at any time for content freshness purposes. Please read our Guest writing terms for more information.

Submission of articles and pitches

While you are welcome to submit a finished article, we are happy to review article pitches before you put in the work. For pitches, please include a synopsis, a working title and a detailed outline that contains the examples or case studies alongside the images you plan to use.