How to write for MailerSend

At MailerSend, we believe our customers deserve the best content available to help them succeed. One way we achieve this is by publishing guest articles written by transactional messaging experts.

If you fit this description, we’d love to hear your ideas for articles that share your valuable experiences and insights. We publish accepted posts on our transactional messaging blog that’s read by thousands of experts and developers every month. 

Read on to find out how our article submission process works, discover the type of content we’re looking for, review our editorial guidelines, and access our submission form.


Who we’re looking for

We publish articles by people with expertise in transactional email and SMS. We’re looking for writers who are developers, but we’re also happy to publish articles by technical writers with experiences that can help our audience.

What makes a great MailerSend article?

Our primary goal is to deliver exceptional technical content that teaches people how to become better at transactional messaging. With this in mind, your article must contain actionable learning points people can use in their transactional strategies.

We’re open to any type of content that meets this criteria. But successful pitches tend to fall into 1 of the following 4 categories.
Transactional messaging guides

Are you an expert in a particular part of transaction email like domain reputation management or optimizing deliverability? Then write an article sharing your tips with our customers to help them improve their transactional email or SMS strategy.

Transactional messaging case studies

Share your experience with transactional messaging. Talk about how you use transactional messaging with your app or website and the strategies you recommend our audience use. Mention the results the strategy achieved.

MailerSend feature spotlights

Highlight real examples of how you have used MailerSend to achieve business results. Describe in detail how you used particular transactional messaging features such as personalization, webhooks, or inbound emails to help readers do the same.

Integration use cases

MailerSend works with a ton of other software tools via our integrations and API. Talk about how you integrated MailerSend into your transactional messaging stack to help developers work more efficiently and achieve similar results.

Here’s what you get in return

Still interested? That’s great! Publishing your article on the MailerSend blog results in a ton of benefits, including:

Your article will reach a highly targeted audience of transactional email experts and developers

Your ideas will be published on a high-authority website with tens of thousands of monthly visitors

We’ll promote your article to our email list with thousands of subscribers

We’ll publish the article on our growing social channels

We offer payment of up to $300 for some types of content*

6 questions to answer before you submit

If your article meets the below requirements, take a look at our editorial guidelines for more information about the types of articles we publish.

Here are 6 things to consider before submitting your article or pitch:
Will your article interest our target audience?

We publish content aimed at developers who work with transactional email and SMS

Do you have relevant expertise?

You must have direct experience with the topic you want to write about

Is your article actionable?

People read our blog to learn about transactional email. Ensure your article has actionable takeaways and tips people can use after reading

Have we covered the idea before?

Please check our blog to ensure we don’t already have a post on the topic

Do you understand what MailerSend is?

You don’t have to be a MailerSend customer to publish an article (although it will help), but you should understand what we do

Can you optimize your article for SEO?

SEO is a brilliant channel for content distribution. We can provide tips and pointers you can use to optimize your post

Our 5-step publishing process

All our articles go through a simple pitching and publishing process. Follow the steps below to get started.
Submit your article or pitch

Submit a pitch using the form at the bottom of this page. Include an article outline that explains what you want to talk about: Be specific and mention why you have the necessary expertise and experience. You can also submit a finished article but we may choose not to publish the article or request that you make edits so it fits our style. With that in mind, we recommend starting with a pitch. If you want to be paid for your article, make it clear at this stage so we can iron out the details before starting.

Submission review

We read every submission and will respond within 14 business days if you are successful. We’ll then move on to the next steps. If you don’t hear from us within 14 days, your article wasn’t selected. This is usually due to the pitch not being a good fit for our audience or not following our editorial guidelines. We can’t provide personalized feedback, but you may submit a new guest post for consideration at any time.

The editing process

If your article is selected, our editorial team will contact you to get the writing process started. This typically includes finalizing your article outline or requesting edits if you sent an article draft. Once you’ve submitted a completed draft, we’ll make final edits and send you the finished article for your approval.

Promoting the article

We’ll publish your article and promote it in our newsletter and on social channels. We encourage you to share the article with your audience and engage readers in the comment discussions.


Once your article is published, we can start the payment process. You can send us an invoice with your details and we will send payments in USD via bank transfer or PayPal.

Submission form

Please complete the form and include a link to your draft or outline in a Google Doc.

(Don’t forget to change the permissions of the link)

By submitting this form, you confirm that you have read and agree to the Guest Writing Terms. MailerSend needs your personal information to process your submission. For more information about how we ensure the security of your data, read our Security Statement and Privacy Policy. Submission does not guarantee publication.

Frequently asked questions

Can I also publish the article on my blog?

We own all work published on our blog. In some cases, we’re happy for you to publish the article to your blog as long as you use a noindex tag so it doesn’t compete with our version on Google. You won’t be able to publish the article anywhere else if you receive payment.

How long does payment take?

You can invoice us as soon as the article is live. We aim to process all payments within 14 days.

Can I write more than one article?

We’re happy to publish multiple articles from a single author. Let us know your next good idea once we’ve published your first article.

Will the article be published in my name?

Yes, all guest articles are published in the name of the writer. This ensures you get full credit and exposure for the article.

Can I link to my website in the blog post?

You can include a link back to your website in some cases if the website meets our criteria. We reserve the right to remove links that aren’t necessary.

*Please send a pitch and get confirmation from our team before starting if you want to be paid for your article. We typically pay for content that we would have otherwise been happy to outsource.