Standing with Ukraine 🇺🇦

We are deeply saddened by the recent events in Ukraine. Many of our friends, family members and colleagues have been affected. We have taken measures both as a team and as individuals to support Ukraine and found some great ways you can help as well.

What we're doing

Providing financial support 

Many members of our team have donated their joy budgets to the Blue/Yellow NGO, which has been working in Ukraine for the past 8 years to provide humanitarian aid and equipment.

Monitoring content sent through MailerSend 

In accordance with our Terms and Conditions, any MailerSend customer who sends content related to war promotion, pro-Putin messaging, or any other kind of propaganda will be blocked, regardless of which country they’re based in.

Avoiding services based in Russia and Belarus

We do not use any services provided by Russia or Belarus in our company.

Giving free accounts to relevant non-profit organizations

Nonprofits that are working to help Ukraine and are in need of a transactional email service can contact us via We’re offering a free MailerSend account with unlimited emails.

How you can help

1. Make a donation

There are many charities and NGOs that are working directly to help Ukraine, including:

Military suppliers

Medical suppliers


Veteran support

Support for children

2. Donate essential items

Community centers across the world are collecting winter clothes, toiletries, first-aid supplies, nappies, and non-perishable food.

3. Provide technological support

If you run a business that could support NGOs in Ukraine, join an initiative such as #TechForUkraine to help them design digital solutions that make an impact. 

4. Report fake news

Flag any misleading information that could distort what is happening. Also, avoid sharing content on social media unless you absolutely trust the source and are certain that it is not financed by Russia. Make sure you use the correct terms. For example, “the Russia-Ukraine war”, not “the Ukrainian crisis”.

5. Host refugees

Volunteer at your local refugee center, and consider offering temporary accommodation from your home for those who need shelter. 

6. Buy from Ukrainian businesses

Ukrainian brands offer beautiful, unique and quality products. By buying from Ukrainian companies, you can support their economy, giving them more resources to defend their country.

7. Mobilize your website

This simple website badge from Product Hunt can be added to your websites and landing pages to show that you stand with Ukraine. You could also consider adding this script to your website to block visitors from Russia: 

Every gesture, no matter how big or small, will show solidarity with Ukraine and make a difference.